As a dog owner, you want only the best for your dog's health. When it comes to their digestive system, you're always on the lookout for ways to give them an extra boost. Probiotics are one supplement that can be beneficial for dogs of all ages and sizes. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which probiotic is best for your dog? We've done the research for you and compiled a list of the best probiotics for dogs based on their health needs. These supplements will help keep your pup healthy and happy!

Adding a probiotic supplement to your dog's daily routine has many benefits. Not only does it help improve overall digestion, but research is now also suggesting that probiotics can help bolster immune function and support healthy skin, coat and joints. An added bonus of giving your pooch this extra boost of good bacteria is that it can promote urinary tract health, reduce gas and bad breath, and even help with more serious gastrointestinal issues. Probiotics are also naturally found in certain types of food like yogurt or kefir, but an additional supplement can be beneficial in supporting optimal digestive balance.

These tiny microorganisms can help maintain your dog's gut health, promoting better digestion and regular bowel movements, as well as giving your dog an extra boost of beneficial vitamins. Dog probiotics are easy to include in your dog's diet and can provide an additional layer of support for their digestive system. Not only are probiotic supplements beneficial for digestive health, but they may even help condition fur and skin from the inside out.

So if you're looking for a simple way to support your dog's health, consider adding a daily dose of probiotics to his or her mealtime routine.

We have compiled a list for you of the 5 best probiotics for dogs below. Take a look!

Purina FortiFlora Probiotics for Dogs

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Why We Like It

As far as dog probiotics, this product contains ForiFlora that helps promote normal intestinal microflora and reduce flatulence. It also uses a proprietary microencapsulation process for enhanced stability and potency.

When it comes to your dog's digestive system, it's important to have digestive enzymes and promote healthy bacteria especially in dogs with sensitive stomachs.

What You Should Know

These probiotic supplements contain a 30-count box of dog probiotics and is recommended by veterinarians.

Zesty Paws Probiotic for Dogs

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Why We Like It

Zesty Paws probiotic bites is specially crafted supplement was designed to support healthy gut bacteria in a delicious soft chewable form. This formula is scientifically formulated to target the underlying source of your dog's digestive system needs.

The health benefits of this product contains clinically studied DE111 probiotic, which can help support their delicate digestion and strengthen their immune system naturally. Their complete probiotics blend contains six species of good bacteria probiotic strains to support gut flora, offering relief from occasional flatulence, loose stool, and diarrhea while helping promoting regular bowel movement.

These dog probiotics are made with pumpkin and papaya which are a source of natural digestive enzymes, creating a functional food perfect for any dog's nutritional needs. They strive to make all pet parents' lives healthier and happier by delivering tasty treats that deliver great source of nutrients.

What You Should Know

This product is made with DE111, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, L. brevis, L. fermentum, and L. lactis, help support your dog’s gut flora and GI tract while providing them with the immunity they need to stay at the top of their game. The health benefits of these probiotic bites can help combat occasional gastric distress issues like constipation, indigestion, gas, and bloating.

PetLab Co. Probiotics for Dogs

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Why We Like it

PetLab Co. Probiotics for Dogs gives your dog the digestive and immune system support they deserve. These probiotic chews are formulated with eight beneficial strains of bacteria that can help optimize skin health, support coat comfort, and improve overall gut health. Plus, you won’t have to worry about convincing your pup to take them – these chews are packed with delicious pork flavor that will make them excited for snack time.

This dog probiotic also contains Inulin (a prebiotic for dogs), honey, and pumpkin showing the world-class dedication we have to providing the best possible product for your pooch. Even young puppies or senior dogs can enjoy improved gut health with minimal effort on your part.

What You Should Know

These dog probiotics meet the highest standards These probiotic chews are created with high-quality ingredients sourced from America and prime locations around the world and made exclusively here in the USA. It helps fight occasional itchy skin, yeast production or loose stools.

Why We Like It

This dog probiotic are veterinarian-formulated treats to support your dog's digestive system. This tasty snack is full of prebiotics + probiotics to promote healthy intestinal microflora, making sure your dog’s gut health is top-notch. Plus, the cheese and liver flavor means every dog will be begging for more – it’s a proven favorite among all breeds and sizes!

What You Should Know

This product has powerful blend of probiotics for digestive, immune system, and overall wellbeing support. Their special blend of 1 billion CFUs of live, beneficial bacteria cultures plus prebiotic inulin helps stimulate the growth of these beneficial bacteria in your pet’s digestive tract. They have tasty soft chews are also versatile - they help support healthy digestion, maintain appropriate stool quality, provide essential immune system support, as well as support digestive health, and they can even help with occasional gas and flatulence – all while tasting like a treat.

Why We Like It

These probiotic soft chews are an easy way to provide your dog's digestive health with the gut-friendly ingredients. Each chew is packed with prebiotics and probiotics to support digestion and intestinal wellness, as well as help maintain a healthy gut flora in the digestive tract. Wag Probiotic Chews contain no added wheat or corn, plus no artificial colors, dyes, or flavors - making them 100% natural and certified safe for everyday use.

What You Should Know

These probiotic supplements are made in the USA with premium quality ingredients from around the world. Plus, it's simple to administer - simply give 1 chew per 25lbs of body weight daily.

Dog Probiotics FAQs

Is It OK To Give My Dog Probiotics Daily?

Dogs can take probiotics on a regular basis to promote everyday digestive health and well-being.

How Do I Know If My Dog Needs Probiotics?

  1. Constant Itching. Itching and scratching are frequent dog problems. ...
  2. Foul Odour. ...
  3. Excessive Shedding. ...
  4. Dry and Flaky Skin. ...
  5. Ear Infection. ...
  6. Diarrhrea.

Do Probiotics Help Itchy Dogs?

Probiotics for itchy dogs applied topically can help prevent the itchy skin rash from forming by blocking skin cells from recognizing the bad bacteria. In addition, topical probiotics could also contribute to killing the bad bacteria with its antimicrobial properties.

Do Probiotics Help Make Dogs Poop More Often?

Excess probiotics might cause your dog to show some side effects like flatulence, bloating, and sometimes diarrhea.

Can Dogs Take Probiotics On An Empty Stomach?

Depending on the brand, label instructions may recommend feeding the product on an empty stomach between meals, with food, or immediately before or after eating. Some products contain a single strain of beneficial bacteria, such as L. acidophilus, while others contain multiple strains.


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