Every Dog Owner should care about the food their pet ingests daily. Many of us are unaware of the potential health risks of feeding our beloved pets a diet unsuitable for their condition. A lot of people don't even know that there are special diets for dogs with diabetes.

Fortunately, several excellent brands offer specialized food specifically designed for diabetic dogs. These foods are formulated to provide the proper nutrition and balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins that a diabetic dog needs. The best dog food for diabetic dogs generally contains high-quality ingredients and is lower in carbohydrates to help regulate blood sugar levels.

How Do We Pick Our Products?

We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect food for your diabetic dog. Our team of experts compiled a list of top-rated foods based on several factors, such as quality ingredients, nutritional balance, customer feedback, and cost. We are confident that you will find the best food for your beloved pet from our selection.

Now let's take a closer look at our top 5 products that will surely satisfy the nutritional needs of your diabetic dog:

Our Top 5 Picks

Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food

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Why We Like It

As a veterinarian-recommended weight loss and management food for adult canines, Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food provides the perfect balance of nutrition for keeping your grown dog in peak condition.

This delicious stew is made with natural ingredients, like chicken and vegetables, and high-quality proteins that help your adult dog maintain lean muscle. Plus, it's clinically proven to provide over 70% of dogs with weight loss within 10 weeks!

With Hill's Science Diet, you can be sure your adult dog is receiving the nutrients they need to stay healthy and fit.

What You Should Know

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food is available in several flavors and sizes so that you can pick the right option for your adult dog. This particular 12.5-ounce can come in a pack of 12 and is also available in 15 and 25.5-pound sizes.

This weight management food has a great taste that your grown pup will love, formulated for easy digestion. It also includes essential nutrients to keep your pup's coat healthy and shiny and a unique blend of antioxidants for overall health benefits.

ACANA Free Run Poultry Grain-free Dry Dog Food

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Why We Like It

For your diabetic or grain-sensitive pup, ACANA's Free Run Poultry Recipe is a great solution. It features fresh and raw ingredients that help support their nutritional needs, as well as whole vegetables, fruits, and botanicals that provide key nutrients.

Plus, this grain-free recipe is free of artificial colors or preservatives. ACANA is made in the USA with trusted ingredients and provides nutrition for all life stages. This recipe is perfect for pups of all ages, including those with diabetes or grain sensitivities.

Furthermore, it contains no artificial colors or preservatives, making it a nutritious food choice for pups. Feed your pup the food nature intended, and choose ACANA's Free Run Poultry Recipe!

What You Should Know

One of the best things about this dog food is that it is made with fresh and raw ingredients, making it an optimal choice for dogs of all ages, including those with diabetes or grain sensitivities. It is also grain-free, high in protein, full of key nutrients, and free of grain, gluten, potato, and tapioca ingredients. This dog food is also free of any artificial colors or preservatives, making it a healthy and nutritious choice for your pup.

When selecting this product, it is important to keep in mind that the packaging may vary. Also, consult with your vet before making any changes to your pup's diet.

A Better Treat – Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats

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Why We Like It

We love this treat because it is made with one single ingredient – 100% wild-caught Alaskan salmon. It provides a healthy, natural snack that is high in value and nutrient dense. Not only are they great for dogs, but cats love them too! They have no grains or gluten, making them perfect for pets with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Similarly,  the high Omega 3 and 6 content in these treats support joint health, heart health, and a healthy coat. The freeze-drying process preserves all the natural nutrients, with 61% more retained relative to dehydration or cooking.

Furthermore, they are made in the USA at our FDA-regulated facility to ensure the highest quality human-grade ingredients available. They strive to provide only the freshest, healthiest, and most nutritious treats for your pet. This is why we believe A Better Treat Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats make the perfect snack for your four-legged friend.

What You Should Know

These treats are meant to be fed as a snack, supplement, or reward and should not replace your pet’s regular diet. Be sure to continuously monitor your pet when feeding treats and adjust their daily food intake accordingly. Always provide fresh, clean water for your pet. No matter how often you reward them, always keep their treats fresh and tasty by storing them in a cool, dry place.

It is essential to realize that all dogs are different and may have specific dietary requirements. We recommend consulting your veterinarian before introducing new treats to your pet’s diet.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

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Why We Like It

For a diabetic dog, Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food is ideal. It has the right balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to help maintain blood sugar levels. The fiber in this food helps with digestion while omega-6s and vitamin E work together to support healthy skin and coat.

Plus, it's packed with natural fibers that keep your dog feeling full. The high-quality protein helps to support lean muscle growth and maintenance. Once your dog is used to this food, you will be satisfied with the results. It's very gentle on the stomach, so your pup won't be uncomfortable after eating this delicious food.

So if you're looking for a healthy, balanced, and delicious meal option for your adult dog, Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food could be just what you need. With its natural ingredients and careful balance of nutrients, it's sure to give your pup the energy and nutrition they need.

What You Should Know

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food is available in 4, 15, 24, and 30-pound bags. It comes in two flavors: chicken and lamb. The smaller sizes are great for smaller dogs, while the larger ones can accommodate larger breeds.

While this food contains all of the nutrients your pup needs to stay healthy, it might take some time for them to adjust. Start slowly and gradually build up the portion sizes until your pup is used to it. Remember, you should always consult your veterinarian before switching foods or making any drastic dietary changes for your pet.

Ketona Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food

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Why We Like It

Last but not least, our Ketona Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food is a revolutionary product that was designed to bring the benefits of a raw diet to dogs without requiring all the prep and cost. It's made in the USA with natural ingredients, no grain or fillers, and contains more than 46% protein, so your pup will stay energized and healthy!

For a diabetic dog or a pup with allergies, this grain-free option is a safer choice. There is no need to worry about your pup getting too much sugar or starch when you feed them this nutritious food!

Plus, it meets all the AAFCO standards for adult maintenance and has added vitamins and minerals that give your furry friend everything they need in one package. Your pup will love it, and you can trust that it's made with the highest quality ingredients. We guarantee your dog will be happy and healthy when they eat this delicious food!

What You Should Know

As a grain-free food, Ketona Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food is an incredible choice for breeds that are prone to allergies or diabetes. The low carbohydrate and high protein content help to keep your pup energized and their weight in check.

You should also be aware that this kibble contains 0.5% sugar, so you'll want to monitor your pup's sugar intake. Additionally, while this product meets all the AAFCO standards for adult maintenance, it doesn't contain any probiotics or prebiotics that would aid in digestion.

Key Factors To Look For In Dog Food For A Diabetic Dog

You should look for certain things when choosing the best food for your diabetic dog. Here are five key factors:

1. Protein Rich Food

Protein-rich food helps maintain muscle mass and provides energy for your dog. Look for foods that are made from real meat, such as chicken, beef, or fish. The reason proteins are so important for diabetic dogs is that they help keep blood sugar levels balanced.

2. Low In Carbohydrates

Dogs require carbohydrates for energy, but too much can cause an increase in the blood sugar levels of your dog. Look for food with a low-carb content to help keep your dog's blood sugar under control.

3. Highly Digestible

The best food for diabetic dogs should also be highly digestible. This means that the food is easily broken down by your dog’s digestive system, providing them with the most nutrition from each meal.

4. Natural Ingredients

Food made from natural ingredients is the best option for diabetic dogs. Look for foods that contain real, wholesome ingredients, such as fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean meats. Avoid foods that contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

5. Low Glycemic Index

It is important to choose food with high-quality control standards. The best food for diabetic dogs should have a low glycemic index (GI), which measures how quickly food can raise blood sugar levels. Low-GI foods are digested more slowly, providing your dog with sustained energy.


Diabetic dogs require a special diet to help them maintain good health and a regular blood sugar level. We pick every product with care and focus on quality, ingredients, nutrition, and digestibility for the best food for diabetic dogs. You can choose any from the list because they are all made with natural ingredients, high in protein, and low in carbohydrates. We also suggest looking for foods that have a low glycemic index and are highly digestible.

With the right food and proper care, you can help keep your pup happy and healthy for years to come!

Thank you for reading this article!