Are you often frustrated with your dog’s unusual behavior and continuous barking sounds? Well, that does not indicate that you leave your pooch alone because of their distressing barking issues. You need to find an alternative that controls your dog’s repetitive sounds and saves your friendship.

An anti-dog barking control device is an amazing tool that can instantly stop your pet’s barking. It produces high-pitched ultrasonic sound or other forms of stimulus that deactivate your dog’s undesirable behaviors, reducing excessive barking and unpleasant noise.

However, you might get confused when choosing the best anti-dog barking control device, as multiple options are available. To clear up your confusion, this article covers a detailed guide on finding the best control device for your barking dog. Among different varieties, the 5 best anti-barking devices are discussed below so you can easily get the perfect one for your puppy.

How to Choose the Best Anti-Dog Barking Device?

Undoubtedly, ultrasonic bark control devices are the premier gadgets to control dog barks. They are good at handling strange pet sounds and act as a significant deterrent that assists you in controlling your pup’s unusual barking situations. Before you start using these devices, here are some things that you must know when selecting the best anti-dog control device:

Device Type

The first and crucial thing when choosing an anti-dog barking control device is to select the best fit from various available devices. Different control device types produce different stimuli, so you must choose the one that instantly fits your dog’s neck. Some of the common ones are:

· Static Collars

Static collars are highly effective and safe, emitting a gentle shock to handle your pet’s barking. These devices are best for those dogs who do not respond to vibration or sound stimuli, so they require a medium-pitch shock.

· Ultrasonic Bark Collars

Unlike other anti-dog barking devices, ultrasonic bark control devices are more common and are widely used to control pets’ behavior. They emit high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves that are not audible to humans; only pets can hear and respond to them.

· Vibration Collars

Like shock collar devices, vibration collars emit small vibrations to distract dogs so they can stop barking. These devices have different vibration levels that you can adjust according to your dog’s personality.

· Citronella Collars

Citronella or spray collars are perfect for handling unpleasant barking. Citronella oil releases a soft smell that is unpleasant for your furry friend and thus helps deactivate his barking noise.


Once you have selected the type of bark control device, it's time to try it on your dog's neck. For this, you must know the weight and size of your pup so the ultrasonic dog bark deterrent perfectly fits his body. Before buying any bark control tool, measure your dog’s dimensions and choose the one that suits his body needs.

In case you’re not sure about the precise size of your pooch, it’s always the best idea to buy a medium-sized ultrasonic dog bark deterrent - neither too small nor too large. Similarly, you can easily find short-stop dog anti barking devices specifically made for small or teenage pups.


The precision and quality of the dog bark control device matters a lot, as you cannot risk your money and your dog’s health. Therefore, always double-check that your ultrasonic bark control device is safe and will not harm your pet. Effective devices have premium bark control system that reduces unwanted barking and are also waterproof in design.


Lastly, making a reasonable deal with the buyer is vital when choosing the best anti-dog bark control device. Ensure to stay within the standard price range and not buy a very cheap or high-budget device. Generally, a suitable ultrasonic bark control device ranges from $29.99 to $150, depending on its functionality, range, and design.

Now you’re familiar with high pitched ultrasonic bark control tools, you can proceed to finalize your dog wearing. Remember, all 5 devices mentioned below are safe to use and do not harm your dog, so you can easily choose any of them depending on your dog’s personality.

ELOPAW Dog Barking Deterrent Device

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Most dogs love to play inside and thus cause disturbance due to their unwanted barking. ELOPAW dog barking deterrent is the best solution to cope with this behavior. It is compact with three frequency modes, stable, undulating, and irregular. Installing multiple frequency modes is to adjust the ultrasonic sound waves and distracts your pup from barking excessively.

Above all, it works on a robust remote control system with two different ports: the charging and ultrasonic emission ports. Different beep and ultrasonic buttons are also installed for better work so you can adjust the light accordingly. The most attractive feature of this ultrasonic bark control device is its USB rechargeable capacity. A powerful 300mAH lithium battery is installed that has a maximum battery life of 12 days so dog owners can easily take their pets for a long trip.

ELOPAW is especially suitable for outdoor activities, it is equipped with an adjustable wrist strap to ease the travel process. With the help of this sturdy strap, you can easily carry the device anywhere. Moreover, the outdoor range is 16.5 feet, so you can easily handle your dog’s bad behavior by using its high-pitched sound.

PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control

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If you’re looking for a collarless device that can work in all weather conditions, PetSafe is the right option. It is designed using the latest technology and can quickly detect barking sounds from a range of 50 feet. A microphone and LED battery are also attached to the ultrasonic speaker, which makes it easy to use.

To adjust the pitch and frequency of emitted sounds, there is a 4-level adjustability switch that helps in leveling the produced pitch tone. Moreover, it can be placed anywhere in a ¼ acre area and uses a 9 volt battery. The battery can last about two months unless your dog barks continuously. The best thing is you can place this deterrent anywhere, from a yard to a tall tree, so to enjoy a peaceful walk with your furry friend.

This ultrasonic device is made with a discrete design so that you can place it inside and outside. If you want to cover an area of more than 50 feet, you can use multiple units and switch the modes depending on your dog’s barking. Overall, it's an excellent dog training tools that detects the dogs who bark excessively.

Sunbeam Little Sonic Egg Handheld Ultrasonic Bark Control Device

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For those looking for a quick and effective anti bark collar, Sunbeam Egg is here. Its unique egg-shaped design makes the activation process easy, so you can immediately handle your dog’s barking behavior. The best thing is that this bark device emits moderate ultrasonic sounds that are audible to only dogs and do not disturb your house environment.

For perfect installation and high durability, it contains four alkaline rechargeable batteries that can withstand different weather conditions. Whether you’re outside or inside your home garden, you can now get rid of the excessive barking behavior of your canine companion. Its cone shape makes the device easy to use in emergencies and protects from continuous dog barking.

You might question whether this anti-bark control device can be used for more than one dog. The answer is YES. With the help of its adjustable wrist wrap, you can avoid a dog’s bark of every size, breed, and life stage. The ultrasonic sounds emitted from this deterrent do not cause any harm to your pet. Whenever your pooch is barking excessively, just point the Egg toward him and activate the device by holding the button.

Ultrasonic Anti Bark Equipment

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Finding a stop-barking device that is within your budget is a challenging task. PAWPERFECT anti-bark device in very inexpensive and has an adjustable wrist strap with a limited range of 16 feet, so you can use it outside or during camping, fishing, or hiking.

This device produces high-pitched sounds and is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. You can also use it when on long walks with your pooch. It is highly durable and contains three alkaline batteries with a battery life of 360 minutes each. Thus, a short trip of 3 to 5 days can be enjoyed without nuisance barking.

Although PAWPERFECT anti-bark device is designed to detect barking, it can also be used as a positive reinforcement dog training tool. Using this device, you can train your dog in special activities.

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

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You must face different weather conditions when doing an outdoor activity with your dog. Therefore, Petrainer is the best rainproof shock collar that you can carry. It has an adjustable shock collar for all sizes of pets - from 15 lbs to 200 lbs. The strong nylon material helps in protecting your dog’s ears and sensitive dog’s skin from rashes and other allergies.

Compared to other vibration collars, it can cover a range of 330 yards and comes with three different stimulation modes. All these modes have specific functions that are also useful in positive reinforcement training. For instance, you can activate the vibrate mode to avoid your furry friend’s unusual behavior. Similarly, during dog training, you can switch to the beep mode; the static mode would be helpful under emergency conditions.

The battery life is fast and can be charged easily within two hours. The best thing is that Petrainer anti-bark control system batteries are compatible with all devices, including PC, laptops, or power banks. Dog owners use it on a vacation or an outdoor trip.


Anti-barking control devices are safe and easy to use, especially if you own more than one dog. These devices act as an automatic safety shut off and can conveniently detect barking with a single click. Whether you have a small-sized pet or a large breed dog, you can use these devices to avoid excessive barking behaviors, so you can take them for peaceful walks.