Whether less or more, every dog sheds. It is a natural process, but removing that loose fur is necessary; otherwise, it traps in your dog's coat and causes irritation and even infection. Though it is a sign of good health, the dog owners feel tackling with pooch's loose fur like a burdensome chore.

Luckily there are some products that reduce shedding, and the availability of various dog brushes in the market, from slicker brushes, Nylon bristles brushes to undercoat rakes, brings the solution. But choosing the best dog brush is essential according to your pup's specific fur type and length, which will surely make brushing your dog experience much better.

Let's read this guide to find the perfect tool to remove loose hair by brushing your pup to make it healthy and your home hair-free. Moreover, you can also choose the best food to reduce shedding.

Types of Dog Brushes For Pet Hair Grooming

Brushing and removing loose hair is essential to grooming your dog correctly. Eliminating tangles and mats and making your pup’s coat vibrant, frequent brushing also serves the purpose of the massage and activates your dog’s natural oils.

However, knowing the perfect shedding tools one can use in a dog’s grooming session is essential to get all these benefits. Let’s look at the primary types of dog brushes, which will help you decide wisely.

Slicker Brushes

Slickers brushes have a flat surface containing fine, tightly packed wires, perfect for curly or medium to long hair pups, especially for removing mats. Choose a flexible handle slicker brush for excellent grooming according to your dog’s hair size.

But remember to be gentle while removing shedding hair with a slicker brush because too much pressure can irritate your pet. Slicker brushes are a good choice for Yorkshire Terriers, Golden Retrievers, St. Bernard, and Cocker Spaniels.


Specially designed for thick coats or long haired dogs like Malamutes, German Shepherds, and Chow Chows, rakes grooming tools resemble shaving razors and contain tightly-spaced pins in one or two rows.

Finding the perfect dog brush with pins that suit your dog’s hair length will easily penetrate its thick coat and remove dead undercoats, trapped debris, and tangles.

Make sure the pins aren’t long or big to irritate your dog, and be gentle while brushing.

Bristle Brushes

A bristle brush is especially for short haired dogs with smooth coats because they shed often and need grooming timely. Bristle brushes have tightly packed clusters of natural bristles that penetrate the fur, removing loose hair and stimulating the skin.

A soft bristle brush is the best dog brush for Italian Greyhounds, Pugs, Boston Terriers, and Jack Russell Terriers.

Pin Brushes

Pin brush grooming tools are similar to human pin brushes, with oval-shaped heads and a pad containing a set of flexible wires which are loosely arranged and have pins at the top.

A pin brush is only helpful as a finishing grooming tool because it can only gather loose hair that can have otherwise fallen onto your furniture. They can also tidy up a well-brushed coat, but their services won't significantly impact your pet's well-being.


You can also use a comb that has metal pins. The pins are spaced differently in different products; choose far spaced for many tangles and closely spaced for shorter and less tangled ones.

The curry comb is a better grooming tool for sensitive long and short hair dogs. The curry brush not only removes the loose fur from coats but also stimulates the production of your pet's natural oils. The curry brush has molded rubber teeth that protect the pup's skin and make it shine.

We have chosen the best dog brushes that are perfect for shedding dogs and make the process of removing loose hair comfortable.

Hartz Groomer's Best Deshedding Slicker Dog Brush

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Why We Like It

Which bristle brush is best for your dog's coat in shedding season? It is undoubtedly the Hartz Groomer's Best Deshedding Slicker Brush which is affordable, durable, and, most importantly, efficient for pet grooming.

This bristle brush has extra fine bristles, which not only remove the matt and tangles of your dog's hair but also give a shine to your dog's skin. Moreover, you can also use this slicker brush for long and curly coats, double coats, and wire-haired coats.

These slicker brushes are soft because of nylon tips and don't cause any harm to your dog's skin. Moreover, its ergonomic handle makes brushing easy as it gives maximum comfort and control.

What You Should Know

If you have chosen it for your dog's coat, remember this metal bristle brush is not too hard, so it doesn't cause brush burn, but be gentle while brushing.

This slicker brush is not suitable for short coats. If you want one check out our other products that are perfect for short haired dogs.

FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

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Why We Like It

Regarding pet grooming, Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool is a groomer’s top choice among pin brushes, especially for thick coats.

It efficiently removes the loose and dead fur undercoat without hurting the topcoat. Moreover, this stainless steel pin brush has a skin guard around the blade and thus doesn’t dig into the dog’s skin.

This brush is best for all sizes of dogs and is compatible with every coat type. The ergonomic grip is perfect and doesn’t cause any problems while gripping it, even if you have to remove the hairs of several dogs.

The pins remove the fur and collect it; after you press the release button, it releases the hair, so easy to use for de-shedding your furball.

What You Should Know

Dogs with long hair and thick coats are more prone to trap debris and dirt; brushing with this stainless steel pin brush makes the process easy and safe for groomers.

It is not recommended to use it for non-shedding breeds. Also, remember, don’t overbrush or put too much stress as it causes discomfort.

FURminator Medium Dog Undercoat deShedding Tool

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Why We Like It

If you have a heavily shedding dog, then nothing suits your needs more than FURminator Medium Dog Undercoat deShedding Tool. This one is highly recommended for removing a dog’s fur undercoat.

This dog brush has a stainless steel toothy edge with a curved guard that is around the blade for increased protection. It efficiently pulls and removes the loose hair of a dog’s coat (topcoat and undercoat) without getting too close to your pup’s skin. It doesn't harm the topcoat or skin.

What makes it unique among others is its ejector button which makes cleaning the brush easy, just push the button, and the blades eject all hairs and dandruff.

What You Should Know

This stainless steel toothy edge grooming brush is preferable for long-coated dogs, but if your pet has sensitive skin, then carefully carry the process, especially on the legs and neck.

However, if you are a pro groomer, then you can use this tool for both long and short hair breeds. In addition, several products in different sizes allow you to choose according to your dog’s hair type and size. So, you can get a different size FURminator undercoat grooming brush.


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Why We Like It

Regarding the best rake, the CONAIRPRO 3/4" Medium-Tooth Undercoat Rake will become your and your furry friend's favorite. Though this brush has stainless steel pins, it still doesn't cause any harm to the skin.

This shedding brush is perfect for all pet hair, from small to large breeds. Moreover, it also works equally perfectly on both moist and dry undercoats. It not only removes dead hair but also removes all debris or burr.

This stainless steel rake is specially designed for double-coated pet breeds, and you can easily glide this rake through your pooch's undercoat and it can efficiently remove excessive and loose hairs.

The handle of this grooming tool, with its non-slip memory gel grip, adjusts to the contours of your hand, providing improved control and reducing hand exhaustion as you care for your canine.

What You Should Know

This particular rake with stainless steel pins is perfect for medium to long hair, but if you have short or long haired dogs, you can choose CONAIRPRO other tools with differently sized tooth, like a large shedding blade.

Bissell De-Shedding Grooming Gloves

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Why We Like It

If your pet doesn’t like a shedding brush or is afraid of its metal or Stainless steel pins, then it’s time to use Bissell De-Shedding Grooming Gloves. Your short hair pup will definitely love it.

This grooming glove has soft rubber nubs on your fingers and palms, and when you pat your pup while wearing it, it removes the loose fur without causing any problems for your dog.

Moreover, it also gives a feeling of soothing massage and acts as one of the best grooming tools for sensitive skin.

The five-finger design of these grooming gloves also helps pet owners easily remove shedding hair from the whole body; head, neck, legs, and tail. The grooming glove will stay firmly on your hand due to the Velcro wrist strap.

What You Should Know

These grooming gloves come in three sizes so that you can choose according to your hand. Though the gloves are perfect for removing dead hair and giving a shine to your dog’s skin, it is sometimes difficult to use for thick and long haired dogs.

If you have a non-shedding dog, don’t use this grooming glove, even not for massaging. It’ll irritate them.

Hartz Groomer's Best Combo Brush For Short-Haired Dogs

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Why We Like It

When it comes to the best dog brush for small dogs, even for double and thick coats, no one beats Hartz Groomer's Best Combo. It is a perfect product for those who need Nylon bristles and stainless steel pins grooming brush for their pooches.

One side of this combo dog brush contains Nylon bristles which efficiently remove loose fur and debris and work exceptionally well for a short haired dog like Chihuahua. Moreover, this dog brush Nylon bristles also help spread the dog's natural oils in the coat.

The other side contains stainless steel pins with protective coating tips that help remove loose hair and tangles while remaining gentler on the dog's sensitive skin. It is perfect for long haired dogs like Huskies, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Poodles' curly coats.

Ideal for various dog breeds with different dog coats and ergonomic handles, this combo brush is a good choice at an affordable price for every dog owner.

What You Should Know

Instead of weekly, this combo dog brush is preferable for daily dog brushing, especially with its soft bristle brush side. However, it is for small dogs but is perfect for all pup coats, including smooth, short coats, long coats, curly coats, double coats, and wire-haired coats.

Not for a heavy-shedder dog, but it's ideal for keeping your pet's coat in order. However, keep gentle while using the stainless steel pins side because too much stress may irritate your dog and cause infection to your dog's skin.

Buyer's Guide: How to Select The Best De-Shedding Tool Or Brush For Your Dog

When it comes to buying the best dog brushes, there are certain factors that every dog owner should consider. I have listed a few points here for the dog owner’s convenience.

Dog’s Coat Type:

Similar to other pup products, according to dog coats, brushes are also different for each breed. What’s your dog’s coat? The answer to this query is necessary to find out before selecting the de shedding tool.

Smooth Coats

This dog's coat type has short and silky hairs with no undercoat. Smooth coated dogs include Bulldogs, Weimaraners, Dalmations, Boston Terriers, Greyhounds, and Doberman Pinschers.

Long, Soft, or Thick Coats

Some dog breeds have long coats though the hairs are either silky or coarse. Long coated pups like Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus, and Afghan Hounds need regular dog brushing to remove loose fur; otherwise, matting occurs and causes irritation and infection.

Curly Coats

A shedding dog with a curly coat increase owners’ chores as it needs constant brushing because the ringlets can easily cause matting and trap dirt.

Dogs with double coats have two coats, one on the outside and the other lying directly underneath it, and are known as a dog’s undercoat. Find a brush that removes loose undercoat hair for perfect cleaning.

Dog Brush Type:

The market has several options regarding dog brushes, and I mentioned them at the start of this article. Choose the best dog brush carefully to remove loose hair easily and safely.

Easy To Use

Many dog owners don't even bother about the use of de-shedding tool. But while selecting the best dog brush for shedding, keep three important points in mind like

● It should be easy to use and remove all loose hair safely

● Doesn’t irritate and hurt the canine in any way

● It must be handy for the pup owners so that brushing will remain no more problematic.


Select a good dog brush which not only removes loose hair safely but is also durable to remain with you for a lifetime. Because dogs get habitual to their products, they may get irritated with them if you always try new dog brushes while brushing.


I’ll never recommend you buy a cheap dog brush because it is a matter of your dog’s health and safety. The market has many low-quality and cheap price dog brushes, but you should have to choose after complete research and buy the best dog brush from a reputable brand.

How To Perfectly Remove Loose Hair

I hope you have selected a good dog brush for your dog; that's why I'm sharing a short grooming session guide here to remove loose hair.

● Dog brushing takes time for long haired dogs, so try to find a comfortable and safe place so that you can easily eliminate loose hair with your dog's will.

● Manufacturers' instruction regarding grooming tools is a must thing to read so that you carry the process correctly without causing any hurt to your canine.

● Not only dog brush, but you must find some other best products for pet grooming, like coat conditioners, which help you detach hair and loosen dirt from dogs' double coats before brushing. Moreover, de-shedding shampoos are also the best fit because they reduce shedding.

● Don't start the process from the head; instead, from the tail so your pup remains calm.

● Plan brushing schedules because dogs love it. Be consistent and clean your dog's fur weekly (depending upon how much it needs).

How Do We Pick These Dog Hair Remover Tools?

As a team dedicated to helping dog owners choose the best de-shedding brushes, we take a comprehensive approach to the selection process. We do not rely solely on guesswork but instead take into account researchers' findings and experts' advice.

We carefully compile lists of the best dog brushes, considering important factors such as brush material, quality, type, brand, harmful side effects, durability, and cost. By thoroughly evaluating each dog brush based on these factors, we can provide our readers with a list of recommended ones that are not only effective in removing shedding fur but also safe and durable.

Additionally, we take into account customer feedback and experiences to ensure that the brushes we recommend have been tried and tested by other pooch owners with positive results. With our approach, our readers can have confidence that the product they choose for their dogs is of the highest quality and best suited for their needs.


You have read about the 6 top dog brushes for shedding; all have features that make them perfect for purchasing for your dog’s dead hair removal. So, choose one according to your dog’s coat and health so that your pup feels comfortable while brushing.