Is your dog scratching their ears more often? Or is there a foul smell from your pup's ears? These are primary symptoms of ear infections and it is time to clean them. If you are wondering the optimum way to do that, don't worry, we have an easy and safe way for you! Liquid dog ear cleaning is the best cleaning approach every pet owner must go for. Besides cleaning the ear canal, it also eliminates any ear infections and reduces the chances of allergies.

Before you start your engines and get an ear cleaner for your dog right away, hear me out! Choosing the best dog ear cleaning solution is not as simple as it seems. You will have to consider multiple factors before selecting any product. One wrong step can worsen the conditions of your dog's ear canal and affect its abilities.

This blog post will give you six thoroughly tested ear cleaning products that work like magic for itchy ears. Stick to the end and find the best guide to help you choose the dog ear cleanser per your requirements.

Why Does Your Dog Need An Ear Cleaner?

A dog's ears are prone to microbial growth and allergen localization. For that reason, cleaning them becomes vital. Furthermore, you need to clean your pup's ears for multiple health and hygiene-related reasons. The two most common ones are bacterial infections and wax build-up complications. Your pooch will experience extreme discomfort and fatal diseases without proper cleaning solutions. So, dealing with the issues as soon as possible is best.

Uncleaned dog ears are prone to yeast infections and facilitate the growth of parasites such as ear mites. In that case, your dog will be left behind with itchy ears, foul smells, and dark discharge. If you don't want your dog to keep scratching their ears all the time, cleaning them is the only solution for you. Cleaning liquids for your dog's sensitive ears will prevent infections and decrease the chances of allergy by removing irritants such as pollen and debris.

The Best Way To Use A Dog Ear Cleaner

Most dog ear cleaners are in liquid form. That is why they are pretty easy to use. However, the overall process is relatively grubby. So, it is suggested to choose a place accordingly. The bathroom or your backyard would be best for this. Before starting, ensure the dog is in a position that is comfortable for them. After that, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Gently wipe your dog's ears with a damp cloth to remove dirt or debris. If your dog isn't sitting still, it would be better to use food motivation. An ideal and tested choice is using peanut butter on a chew toy.

Step 2: Pull back your dog's ears and squirt the ear cleaner so it slightly pools. After that, start massaging the base of your pooch's ears and keep doing it for 30 seconds.

Step 3: Leave your dog for a few minutes. Due to the tickling sensation caused by the cleaning liquid, they will shake their head, which will dislodge the wax and dirt out of the ear canal.

Step 4: Once they are done shaking, take a cotton ball and gently dry the ear canal. Ensure you are never too rough at this step, as that can potentially damage the ears. Besides, never use a Q-tip or something pointy to clean a dog's ear canal.

Dog ear cleaning solutions will help your dog's overall health and auditory abilities. Moreover, healthy ears will save them from chronic ear infections and wax build up. The above step-by-step plan is the best way to get your dog's ears cleaned and get rid of all their ear problems.

Top Dog Ear Cleaners Suggested By Veterinarians

The market is filled with tons of products for improving dog ear health. However, only a few fall upon the standards of the best dog ear cleaner. Here are the top 6 best dog ear cleaners pet owners tested and approved in 2023.

Pet MD Veterinary Tris Flush Dog Ear Cleaner

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Pet MD Veterinary dog ear cleaner has one of the best bottle designs that helps owners use the product efficiently. Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital animal specialist Dr Sara Ochoa confirmed that this ear cleaner contains several antibacterial and antifungal reagents. Therefore, it will prevent yeast and mild bacterial infections with ease.

The cleaner has a gentle formula that does not cause any side reactions for the dogs. Additionally, it is anti-stinging, making it one of the liquid ear cleaning solutions suitable for all dog breeds. The product has a smell that will help remove any foul odor from your dog's ears. Furthermore, this ear cleanser is equally befitting for cats as well, making it the best choice for multi-pet homes.

Vetoquinol Ear Cleansing Solution For Dogs

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Some breeds get their ears dirty more often compared to others. For such pets, cleaning ears becomes more complex and difficult. A strong ear cleanser is needed for such breeds, and Vetoquinol Solution is the perfect option. This ear cleaner has a gentle formula that is extremely effective against bacterial infections. Thanks to its safer formula, the ear cleaner can be used 2 to 3 times daily.

This dog ear cleaning solution is tested and approved for dogs with massively waxy ears. The cleanser comes in multiple-sized bottles, allowing owners to pick according to their choice. If you are one of the proud owners of multiple dogs, this ear cleaner is available in a 1-gallon size.

TrizULTRA Plus Keto Flush For Dogs

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TrizULTRA Cleanser is a perfect choice for dogs suffering from fungal infections. This dog ear cleaner is filled with some of the leading antifungal elements, such as Ketoconazole, that can effectively inhibit the growth of most of the fungus species. According to dog owners, this cleaner served best for mild fungal infections and improved recovery time. In case of more severe ear infections, we suggest using it as a pre-treatment before aggressive bacteriocidal cleaning solutions.

The thing making it the best dog ear cleaner is its fragrance-free production. The product is completely free of smell, making it ideal for dogs sensitive to fragrance. It is a tested fact that TrizULTRA ear cleaning solutions are equally effective for cats and horses. Therefore, ear cleaning is perfect for multiple pet owners and farming individuals.

Great Pets. Great Ears. Dog Ear Cleaner

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Chemical reagents can be hazardous for your dogs, especially if you use them to clean their ears. Great Ears cleanser uses all-natural products, making it a natural ear cleaner without any post-usage side effects. The product is manufactured inside the US, making it a bit budget-friendly compared to other dog ear cleaners. Furthermore, Great Ears dog ear cleaner is a universal product, making it perfect for dogs of every breed. The only requirement is that the puppy must be older than 12 weeks for better results.

The ergonomic squirt opening on the front makes it easier to use and flush out debris. According to veterinarians, the product is designed specifically for dogs with floppy ears. That's why it is one of the ear cleaning solutions that can target breeds such as Poodles, Spaniels, Beagles, and Retrievers. As long as the dog is within the age limit, nothing will go sideways.

VetWELL Ear Cleaner For Dogs

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VetWELL ear cleaner for dogs is explicitly designed to dry out your pooch's ear canal. Moisture is one of the biggest friends of fungus. It facilitates fungal growth that may lead to infection. If the ear canal is dried out, it prevents microbial localization and stops recurring ear infections. If your dog has been suffering from painful itching and discomfort for the past few weeks, this ear cleaner is your chance to save and improve their health.

Additionally, it will help soothe your dog using the tea tree oil present in it. Another unique thing about this cleaner is its fresh smell which is loved by most dog breeds. In addition, the aloe vera gel used in it helps lower the inflammation caused by previous infections. Most veterinarians stated that the cleaner is optimum for removing waxy build-ups.

This product makes it ideal for day-to-day usage as a basic ear cleaning solution. Most of the time, experts suggest using it 1 to 2 times a week, but we'll suggest consulting your vet before starting.

EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner

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EcoEars dog ear cleaner is another natural ear cleaner created without hazardous synthetic antibacterial or antifungal agents. This ear cleaner is filled with herbs such as tea tree oil, organic leaf extract., and rosemary extract.

Therefore, we suggest it as the perfect option if you are trying to prevent ear infections and treat mild ear diseases simultaneously. The organic components and herb extracts of this ear cleaning solution have made it ideally one of the best dog ear cleaners on the market.

EcoEars is one of the liquid ear cleaners manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, making it the most reliable choice among its contenders. It does not matter if you have a dog with floppy ears or ear wax build ups; the cleaner will tackle it ideally. This universal ear cleaner is the best choice if you are trying dog cleaning solutions for the first time.

Attributes Of The Best Dog Ear Cleaner | The Perfect Buying Guide

When it comes to cleaning solutions for your dog's ears, liquid ear cleaners are considered the best. But dog ear cleaner wipes can help get waxy ears cleaned in no time. With so many options in both categories, finding the perfect one becomes difficult.

If you are looking to find the perfect dog ear cleaner for your dog's dirty ears and sensitive skin, it is better to look out for key factors. Some of the primary attributes of the best dog ear cleaner are as follows:

Liquid Consistency

According to the physical form, dog ear cleaners are classified into two types. One is liquid ear cleaners, and the other is cleaning wipes. Most veterinarians suggest using liquid cleaners for better results and prevention of ear infections. Thick liquid cleaners are best if your dog has severe infections and allergies. However, for special cases, ear wipes become the priority.

Ear Wipes

Squirting liquid in the ear of a dog may make them uncomfortable. If they keep putting up a fight every time you clean their sensitive ears, it is better to say goodbye to the liquid cleaning solutions and head over to ear wipes. Remember, if you choose ear wipes, you must start cleaning the ears more often.

Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties

Different dog ear cleaning solutions have variable ingredients. Some are filled with excessive antifungal agents, while others are packed with antibacterial chemicals. Before choosing any one of these, you should get a suggestion from the vet. Once the veterinarian has checked your dog's ears, it would become easy to judge which dog ear cleaning solution will work as a charm to prevent ear infections.

Natural Ingredients

If you do not want to take your pup to the vet, we've got a completely safe and reliable category of dog ear cleaner for you. Natural ear cleaner is the only type of dog ear cleaning solution filled with safer all-natural products. These may include aloe vera, tea tree oil, sweet pea vanilla scent, or salicylic acid, depending upon the type of provider or company.


If you want your dog to live a happy and healthy life, you must regularly clean their ears. Itchy and inflamed ears can be a leading problem for your furry companion. As their owner, it is your utmost duty that you select an optimum solution for them. Liquid dog ear cleaning solution is the best choice you can go for.

The market is filled with some of the best dog ear cleaner products. With minimum knowledge about such products, it will become challenging for you to make the right decision. With our list of dog ear cleaning solutions, deciding the perfect option to prevent your dog's ear infection will become effortless.