Are you concerned about your furry friend's health due to pancreatitis? It's no secret that choosing the right dog food can make a huge difference in your dog's well-being. With so many options available, finding the best dog food for pancreatitis can be overwhelming. But don't worry; our team of experts have done some research for you.

We have put together a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best dog food for a dog with pancreatitis. Our list only includes products that both veterinarians and pet owners recommend. We understand that your dog's health is a top priority, and we want to help you make an informed decision.

By reading our guide, you will learn about the specific factors and precautions to consider when choosing the best dog food for pancreatitis. We will provide you with an overview of each product and manufacturer, including their unique benefits and ingredients. So, let's dive into the world of high-quality dog food and help your dog feel their best.

What Is Pancreatitis In Dogs?

Pancreatitis in dogs is a disease that leads to inflammation of the pancreas, an organ behind the stomach. The pancreas is responsible for producing enzymes that are necessary for digestion. There are two types of pancreatitis:

Acute pancreatitis in dogs strikes suddenly for a short duration. Usually, dogs recover from acute pancreatitis by avoiding fatty foods and proper medication.

Chronic pancreatitis develops over time and becomes more dangerous, causing permanent damage to organs. Certain medications may ease temporary relief, but fresh food diets are more effective for the digestive tract.

Pancreatitis in dogs generally occurs due to the inactivity of digestive enzymes that leads to self-digestion of the pancreas. Ultimately, digestive enzymes can flow into the bloodstream to break fats and proteins, which can be painful for your dog. Therefore, maintaining a high-quality diet for your dog is necessary to ease the pain.

Foods To Avoid Feeding A Dog With Pancreatitis

The following foods trigger pancreatitis in dogs so make sure to avoid feeding your pet anything that contains these substances:

· Foods with a fat content above 5-10 percent.

· Sugar content (from table scraps or any other source)

· Starch (mostly in homemade dog food)

· Poor quality proteins

· Carbohydrates-rich foods such as rice. (usually gathered from table scraps)

How To Find The Best Dog Food For Pancreatitis

It would be best to consider the following factors for choosing the best pet food for your dog:

· Make sure the chosen dog food contains a balanced amount of protein with low fats. Maintaining a low fat diet is essential as it reduces the risk of pancreatitis flares.

· Quality matters over quantity, and dogs recover faster with proper high-quality protein intake.

· Select the food that is easy to digest. This factor is significant since your dog is majorly experiencing digestion issues due to pancreatitis.

· Your dog could be allergic to grain, dairy, or meat. Therefore, ensure you've chosen the dog food that suits your dog's diet and doesn't cause an allergic reaction.

· Consult board certified veterinary nutritionists for their recommendation before choosing a certain food for dogs with pancreatitis

10 Best Dog Foods For Pancreatitis

We have mentioned the best foods for dogs with pancreatitis that have won veterinarians' approval, and thousands of happy pet owners trust them. Let's discuss the benefits of these dog foods to give your pet a healthy lifestyle for a complete and balanced diet.

Hill's Prescription Diet

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Hill's Dietary is one of the best dog foods for pancreatitis. It's tasty and nutritious formula helps settle a sensitive stomach and with its low-fat formula, this dog food is highly digestible and maintains overall well-being.

The special ingredient of this dog food is ActivBiome+ Technology which has clinically proven the rapid and active growth of gut microbiome for a healthy digestive system.

It also enhances nutrient absorption and lowers blood fat levels to maintain a healthy diet for dogs with pancreatitis. It is highly digestible and helps activate gut bacteria to enhance stool quality with added omega-3 fatty acids. It also reduces the risks of urinary stone buildup and helps to achieve a healthy weight.

Merrick Dry Dog Food

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Merrick dry dog food is one of the best options for your pet to maintain a healthy weight. This mixture contains healthy fats and high protein which helps nourish muscle tissues and retain energy levels. It maintains adequate protein for dogs with pancreatitis with each serving, without adding extra calories.

This premium food for dogs with pancreatitis comprises 55% deboned beef and 45% essential minerals, fibers, vitamins, sweet potatoes, and fruits. Moreover, this dog food is grain-free and gluten-free, with high omega fatty acids for healthy skin and a shining-smooth coat. It also contains chondroitin and glucosamine, which aids the bone and joint functions, to give your canine all the nutritional support it needs.

Solid Gold Fit 

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Solid Gold is recommended to maintain a healthy weight. This low-fat and low-calorie dry dog food is made with Alaskan pollock for a lean and healthy weight for your canine.

The probiotic mixture of this dry dog food helps maintain your pooch's digestive system, gaining a more muscular body and stronger immune system for a reflecting-shiny coat. The essential omega fatty acids and antioxidants support skin and hair growth.

This dry dog food contains rich peas, sweet potato, brown rice, and pearled barley to help maintain your dog's appetite for a healthy meal for pancreatitis.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

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The Blue Buffalo dry dog food contains real chicken meat as the first and far most crucial ingredient, ensuring a healthy muscular build. It also contains fruits, brown rice, whole grains, and vegetables like sweet potatoes, as essential elements to make it delicious and nutritious.

This high-protein, low-fat dog food will contain an accurate blend of the finest quality minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It helps to develop a strong metabolism which leads to a healthy weight without affecting the stomach.

No artificial flavors or preservatives are added to its mixture, which makes it among the perfect dog foods for pancreatitis. The recipe contains brown rice, lentils, sweet potato, peas, and essential omega fatty acids.

The ingredients and substances added to this dry dog food are carefully chosen by experienced nutritionists and veterinarians, ensuring a healthy immune system and oxidative balance.

Wellness CORE Rawrev Grain Free

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Wellness CORE dry dog food is among one the best dog foods as it assists in maintaining a healthy weight with its well-proportioned grain-free recipe. This dry food is ideal for dogs with pancreatitis as it delivers protein power without excessive fat gain.

The low-fat recipe is made with high-quality protein mixed with chicken meal, turkey meal, and salmon oil. It also includes fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes with the whole grain formula, to provide the essential omega fatty acids.

This highly digestible dry dog food encourages lean muscle growth, and enhances the skin for a healthy, shiny coat. This product is ideal for dogs with pancreatitis as it contains no gluten or artificial flavors.

V-Dog Vegan Kibble

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V-Dog dry dog food is one of the best food for dogs suffering from pancreatitis. It has won the approval of many happy dog parents. This dog food is the best all-natural vegan food for adult dogs that meets the nutrition needs, by keeping the immune system healthy.

It is made with 100% all-vegan natural ingredients, and is also perfect for overweight dogs. This dog food contains delicious brown rice, lentils, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and peas. It does not contain any gluten, artificial flavors, green beans, wheat, or corn.

This low calorie and low fat dog food retains its health benefits for an extended time. It has well-formulated proportions of 6 essential fatty acids, including omega 3, L-carnitine, and prebiotic ingredients. It's entirely safe to consume for dogs with pancreatitis as it assists in maintaining a healthy weight mass without consuming fats.

Hill's Science Diet

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Hill's Science is among the best dog foods with scientifically approved ingredients of the best quality. This scientific mixture of food contains all-natural ingredients, including omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E, for a healthy coat and skin.

This dry dog food is made with prebiotic fiber to encourage gut bacteria for better digestion, and boost metabolism to gain a healthy weight. It supports a balanced microbiome, ideal for sensitive stomachs, especially for dogs with pancreatitis.

This dry food for dogs is highly digestible, gentle on the stomach, and great tasting for younger and senior dogs. It contains healthy and delicious ingredients like green beans, brown rice, yellow peas, and chicken meal flavor, for your dog's high-protein and low-fat meal.

Annamaet Grain-Free Lean

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The Annamaet Grain-Free dry dog food contains delicious and nutritious ingredients for dogs with digestive problems or stomach issues. It is one of the best dry dog foods to feed your dog with pancreatitis. It's grain-free formula assures the intake of high-quality components free of extensive fibers.

Furthermore, this dry food contains a well-proportioned blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that boost the absorption of nutrients in the body. The added L-carnitine helps to encourage fat metabolism, which maintains a healthy weight and muscular development.

This product is among the best dog foods for dogs that are allergic to chicken or ocean fish meal. It's GMO-free and ensures high standards for quality assurance.

Royal Canin dry dog food is the perfect therapeutic dog diet to manage the steady recovery of dogs with pancreatitis. This low fat diet food contains low-fat substances and a higher proportion of calories to give your dog the health benefits against gastrointestinal health issues.

This dog food brings a highly digestible combination of proteins, EPA, DHA, and probiotics, making it easier for your canine to digest food and nourish health. The low-fat concentration of this dry food helps to maintain a healthy weight without causing any food allergies or side effects.

With delicious and nutritious ingredients like brewer rice, sweet potato, fish oil, dried plain beet pulp, and biotin, your pooch will grow a gleaming coat with healthy skin.

Nulo Freestyle

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Nulo Freestyle dog food is a high-protein, low-fat food for dogs with pancreatitis. It includes L-carnitine to boost metabolism and healthy weight management. Nulo contains over 74% animal-based proteins to maintain lean muscle growth for all breeds.

This dog food formula is rich in nutrients, including small kibble formula, low carbs, and GanedenBC30 biotic, essential to living an active life for every breed of dog, whether they're small or large. The grain-free recipe made with cod & lentils, provides the vital proteins and amino acids your dog needs when suffering from pancreatitis.

Its ingredients contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives to guarantee satisfactory results. It helps improve the digestive system with an increased appetite for steady recovery from chronic pancreatitis.


What Are The Possible Causes Of Pancreatitis?

The major cause of pancreatitis in dogs, is eating many fats and calories-rich foods, usually found in homemade dog food. Moreover, toxins like chocolates or just food from table scraps with excess sugar, can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Other causes may include surgical infection, side effects of certain medications, or genetic heredity.

Can Special Dog Foods Help Prevent Pancreatitis?

Special dog foods for pancreatitis contain low fats and high fibers, which helps to avoid future episodes and encourages healthy weight gain. If your dog is allergic to specific pet food, it is best to get a recommendation from your veterinarian and check dog food labels for allergic ingredients.

How Much Should You Feed A Dog With Pancreatitis?

Feeding 3 to 4 small portions per day is recommended for dogs with pancreatitis. These four meals should consist of 1/16 portion of the food they usually eat for a chicken or fish meal on a daily basis under healthy conditions.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pancreatitis?

Vomiting is the most common symptom of pancreatitis in dogs. Due to affected digestive enzymes, dogs with pancreatitis may show other clinical signs such as weight loss, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and loss of appetite due to a poor digestive system. The cPL blood tests are the best way to diagnose pancreatitis in dogs.

Is Dry Or Wet Food Better For Dogs With Pancreatitis?

Veterinarians recommend dry dog food for pancreatitis, which is easy to digest, and soothing for your pet's stomach. On the other hand, wet food may worsen things by making it difficult for digestive enzymes.


When it comes to dealing with pancreatitis in dogs, it's crucial to prioritize their health and well-being. Seeking professional advice from veterinarians is always recommended to ensure that your pooch is receiving the appropriate diet. Failure to provide proper care and treatment for pancreatitis could lead to fatal consequences, making it all the more important to be diligent in your dog's diet and nutrition.