Using a dog food storage container retains freshness, prevents pests, and keeps it moisture-free.

Whenever you open the dog food bags, no matter how much you try or use DIY hack, it still becomes stale, moist, and sometimes even becomes a treat for insects and pests. This may trigger and lead to stomach issues in dogs which is the last thing you want for your buddy. However, searching for the best dog food storage container is a wise idea as these airtight food containers minimize the risk of spoilage of dog food and your money.

Why should I have a dog food storage container?

Stale and moist dog food is more likely to hurt the stomach of your pet. A dog owner knows how tricky it could be to retain the odor and maintain the freshness in a bulky dog food bag.

A dog food container cuts out the hassle and worries. With features like snap lock latches, airtight containers, measuring cups, and most importantly the capacity for securing the whole dog food bag in a compact jar.

Parameters to evaluate your dog food storage container

There are a variety of options for the pet food storage container that can be baffling. While getting the food container, here are a few things that will make your decision-making quick. This include

Seal Type For The Container

An airtight seal is what you should look for when getting your dog food storage container for the first time. Usually, the plastic dog food containers come with snap lock latches that secure the storage container completely with the help of a thin lining around the cap. Make sure to check this feature and give a thorough check on the moisture control ability of the container.

Storage Container Size

What storage size you need depends on your requirement, i.e. how much you need to store. They are available in a variety of sizes similar to the size of the storage container. The minimum size is 1 liter

With the large container, one can easily hold up to a bag of 50 lbs. for a large dog breed. Similarly, for small dogs, a dog food storage space with 10 to 15 lbs. will be enough.

Material For Construction

The manufacturing material for a dog food storage container includes:

· Stainless Steel

· Plastic; BPA- Free

· Ceramic dog food containers

· Wood food container

If you are looking for an eco-friendly option for a dog food storage container, consider going for a wooden container. For an expensive and heavy option, go for ceramic. Steel storage containers are durable and are available as mid-range containers. While finally, plastic dog food containers are common and inexpensive, yet they are not durable as compared to other materials.

Food Container With a Scoop; Ease Of Use

The food container must not be complicated and should be easy to use. Some of the models come with a scooping food tool or a measuring cup that allows pouring the right amount of dog food.

Since there are a variety of options available for doing food containers, here I have researched the top 5 top-rated airtight storage containers for pet food.

IRIS Airtight Dog Food Storage container

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Why We Like It

IRIS airtight dog food container is a durable and easy-to-clean. It allows scooping food with the help of a scoop (included). The latches are solid and grip the lid properly to prevent the air from entering the container.

It is designed with two compartments so you can store dog treats and food in the same container but separately. The build involves translucent BBA-free plastic material which is completely manufactured in the USA. The transparent body will keep you mindful of the remaining quantity of dog food.

Due to its simple build and construction, this storage container is easy to clean. You can easily wipe it off or can wash it. If washing, make sure to air dry it properly before pouring in the food.

Further, the design includes wheels at the bottom making it mobile and portable.

Paw Print Airtight Food Storage Container

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Why We Like It

Paw Prints airtight food storage container is suitable for a small dog. There are different designs available for the front which could be a little surprise, yet all of them are great, featuring dogs of different breeds.

What I personally liked about this product, is the tiny hook which can easily hang the scooper which comes with the container. The larches are tough, durable, and anti-spill, in case you loose the grip accidentally.

This product is more likely to be an indoor food storage container for dogs. It offers easy cleaning too, wipe or wash, whatever you want. In fact, the scooper is dishwasher safe. If it is maintained properly, surely it has the ability to last long.

Van Ness 10-Pound Food Container

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Why We Like It

This Van Ness food container with a fresh tight seal is one of the famous brands. The design is simple, a small container more like a regular dustbin. It is compact so you can place it in your pantry, drawers, and cabinets.

The small capacity means it is suitable for storing treats for small dogs, or any other pet. It is solid and durable but there is no guarantee for this food storage is waterproof. However, the seals are to some extent airtight but not completely with their fresh tight seal.

The plastic body is BPA-free. Although it is small in size but keeps the dog food fresh for some time.

Simplehuman Pet Food Storage Can

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Why We Like It

Simplehuman pet food storage can one is the most sleek and most expensive dog food container on our list. It is a heavy and sturdy stainless steel dog food container that keeps away rodents and odor, and is also a water-resistant product.

The design involves a simple lid combined with a latch that makes it completely airtight and keeps the dog food fresh as long as you want. It provides protection against moisture, bugs, rodents, pests, and moisture due to the solid seal. This way, it also prevents product wastage in case the food spilled accidentally.

The liner can be removed easily so you can clean it with ease. Unlikely other listed products, its scoop is magnetic that stays in its place which is inside the lid. In case of a moist environment, the internal chamber will remain dry.

Although its exterior is delicate, it is still capable of providing stability to the container.

Behrens High-Quality Galvanized Steel Storage Can

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Why We Like It

This storage can is designed specifically suitable for outdoors due to the solid build it has, and can easily hold up in harsh conditions while keeping the food fresh.

Behrens is constructed with galvanized steel that gives it strength against tough conditions and keeps the food secured. However, compared to the other listed products, this food storage container is not as great as others. This is due to the lack of some significant features in its building such as lack of sealants which puts the dog food more at risk; it spills food if tilted.

Although the lack of sealant makes it less worthy the lid fit is tight and secures dog food from pests. Make sure you are not pouring food directly into the container to prevent spoilage and pest invasion.

Common Dog Food Storage Mistakes

Even if you are taking care of everything completely and still your dog food is not surviving, then there are chances that you are doing something wrong. Here are some basic mistakes that people unconsciously conduct that lead to spoilage.

Not Using A Scoop For Pouring The Food

This is the most common mistake that many pet parents commit. Well, it is not recommended because if you are tipping directly, it may get out of hand and will create more mess.

Secondly, the scoopers are marked with the measurements that tell you the amount of food you need to pour into your dog’s bowl.

Storing In An Open Area Or In The Outdoors

Storing dog food openly outside is not a good idea because it is too delicate and can get degraded easily. Although many food storage containers claim to be weather-resistant they are not true to what they actually advertise.

Try to avoid placing them outdoors, not even in your garage.

Refilling The Container With Dog Food Even When It's Not Empty

That is another common mistake that happens is refilling the container before it gets empty. That means you are pouring the new dog food on the old food.

It is suggested to let it get empty completely, and wipe or wash it off properly. Let it air dry thoroughly and then pour in the fresh dog food.

FAQs | Best Dog Food Storage Container

How To Store Dog Food Long Term?

You can easily store dog food for up to 1 year if you save it correctly. For doing so, you need to take the dog food and keep it in an airtight container that has oxygen absorbers. Make sure there is no way for oxygen to enter the container. This will prevent the growth of microbes and insects and keeps the dog food dry and fresh for a long time.

Can I Save Dog Food In Plastic Bins?

Dog food storage containers are manufactured with plastic materials, so yes, plastic containers are safe but you have to make sure that it is BPA-free Bisphenol and BBA are harmful chemicals that are used in some storage container manufacturing. These chemicals disturb the digestive system, leading to other dangerous diseases.

Hence, whenever you buy a food storage container, don’t forget to check its BPA-Free label.

How Much Food Can A Dog Food Storage Container Store?

There is no single specific number for exactly how much food can a container hold as every design and brand has its own storage capacity. The minimum you can have is 1 liter and above, it depends on your personal preference and your requirement.

Can I Pour The Dog Food Directly Into The Container?

It is recommended not to pour the dog food directly into the container. However, the best way is to pour the food into the dog’s bowl, remove the excess air from the bowl, roll it up, and place it in the container. This is because these bags are also manufactured to keep pet food safe.

Dumping the dog food directly into the container can also stale the taste of the food and degrade it quickly. Make sure to maintain proper hygiene for food and container both.


I hope you enjoyed this article and it helps you find the best dog food storage container that meets your needs. Thanks for reading!