Who doesn't love fluffy dogs? Of course, we all do. But whether you are a professional groomer or an overprotective dog parent, you will agree that these furry friends need constant care. And pet grooming is undoubtedly one of the fundamentals of caring that dog owners cannot ignore.

Frequent grooming trips are heavy on your wallet. That's why the demand for dog clippers is rising among pet parents. However, when you enter the pet care market, the overwhelming variety of grooming tools can make you dizzy. Well, fear not! We are here with the solution.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying the Professional Dog Clippers

Clippers are not only helpful for grooming long coats, but they also help promote hygiene by removing the infected fur. The clean hair keeps the dogs cool, particularly in summer times. Buying dog clippers can have dozens of benefits if you have a knack for purchasing the right product.

The pet care market has everything: from heavy-duty to quiet and corded clippers to cordless ones. If you rush your clipper hunt, it might conclude with a sub-standard product. So, you must keep the following parameters in mind while shopping for professional clippers:


Avoid buying single-speed clippers. Grooming is a delicate process, so your dogs need gentle handling to prevent damage to sensitive areas. When looking for the best dog hair clippers, go for variable-speed clippers. Or better yet, buy the ones specially made for sensitive dog breeds.

Noise Level

Your doggy can be susceptible to loud noises, and a high-pitch dog clipper might end up frightening your dog. The market is full of clippers with multiple noise ranges. Try buying grooming clippers with low decibels for a satisfying pup grooming session.

Comfort Design

We know you prioritize your dog's comfort first. But what about you? While you browse the dog clippers, make sure they have a comfortable design. Lightweight clippers are the ideal choice in that scenario. They are easy to hold with extended warranties.

Comb Attachments

If you are not among the professional groomers, then cutting a dog's hair can be a challenging task. The guide combs make your home grooming sessions convenient and more fun. They are designed to achieve specific hairstyles and cut your pet's hair to certain lengths. Make wise choices and prefer grooming clippers with diverse attachment combs.


Dog clippers are available in various budgets, from entry-level to high-end versions. It is best to consider your finances and other specific grooming requirements to finalize an optimal pick for your furry companion.

Personal Preferences

Buy the dog clippers according to your personal preferences. Spend money according to your needs based on the quality of guide combs, a blade brush, battery life, a professional grooming kit, and so forth.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Dog Clippers

We know how tiring it is to search for the best professional dog clippers. So, we have shortlisted the top picks that guarantee a salon-quality dog grooming experience at home.

Oneisall Dog Clippers

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Oneisall dog grooming clippers are ultra-quiet, cordless clippers with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery life. They provide excellent performance due to their dual-mode fixed stainless steel and detachable ceramic blades. Also, the built-in rechargeable battery and versatile adjustment options make them a perfect fit for long-haired dogs.

Some users prefer Oneisall clippers over the Wahl lithium-ion pro series as they come with high-quality grooming kit accessories. Whether you own a thick-fur dog or multiple dogs with various coat types, Oneisall dog clippers will never disappoint.

Why We Like It

· They have a grooming kit having blade oil, a cleaning brush, guide combs, and scissors

· Easily operatable

· High-quality trimmers

· Safe and sharp detachable blades

· Six adjustable guide combs

· Quick charging time

· 50 dB low noise motor

· Lightweight, ergonomic design

Ceenwes Dog Clippers

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The sturdy yet ergonomic design of the Ceenwes dog grooming clippers ensures high performance on thick fur or matted coats. They are a value for money due to their all-in-one dog grooming kit. The LCD power display lets you know the remaining battery life, thus saving time and effort.

This cordless clipper has detachable blade alternatives that make the grooming session simple and fun for the pet parents. They sustain longer working hours owing to their heavy-duty motor and lithium-ion battery life. So, if you are planning on grooming multiple dogs, the Ceenwess provides you with the best dog grooming clippers.

Why We Like It

· The grooming kit offers enormous value with scissors, attachment combs, a shaver machine, and a UL charger

· Lightweight and comfortable to use

· Foolproof and adaptable

· Sturdy and economical

· 1500 mA lithium-ion battery

· 0.2-0.8mm fine-tuning knobs for versatility

· Detachable blade for easy cleaning

· Stable noise level

· Smart LCD for battery tracking

· Long-lasting battery life

Hansprou Dog Clippers

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If you are looking for the best overall dog clippers, the Hansprou cordless dog clipper should be your first choice. Why? They come with an easy manual, multiple detachable blade material range, and high speed, low noise design. It works best on both heavy and small dogs.

The 35-tooth cutter head has the advantage of clipping thick coats over regular blades. Their guard combs have dual adjustable modes for quick and efficient length variations. Another advantage is that the Hansprou dog grooming clippers also have one year warranty.

Why We Like It

· Blades don't get overheated quickly

· Suitable for various types of pet hair

· Locking multiway blade lengths

· Easy to employ with one-button operation

· Overall great quality

· 12V high speed, low noise motor

· Easy to clean cutter head

· Detachable blade with multiple comb adjustments

· Durable battery

· Varied blade materials

DOG CARE Dog Grooming Clippers

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The Dog Care dog grooming clippers have a three-mode heavy-duty motor, high capacity run time, and a seamless cordless design with an intelligent LED display. The auxiliary double spot lightening makes it easier to groom sensitive areas.

These dog grooming clippers are best for both small dogs and large breeds. You can switch between turbo or quiet mode according to your needs. The heatproof and detachable blades are another plus point. So, matted fur or curly coat, Dog Care dog clippers will help you groom what you desire.

Why We Like It

· The accessories include six attachment combs, scissors, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a USB charging cable

· Ideal to use for sensitive pets

· Auto-speed adjustments for different hair types with a single click

· Handy for new groomers

· Provides value for money

· Aerodynamic structure for a smooth grooming process

· Cordless design with a USB port charging

· Smart LED display for the battery, lubrication, temperature control, and blade change reminders

· Up to three hours of battery timing

· Static stainless-steel blades and moveable ceramic blades

AJELU Dog Clippers

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AJELU dog clippers provide a convenient pet grooming experience due to their multiple guide combs, cordless clipper design, 1200mAh fast charging, and titanium and ceramic moving blades. These hair clippers also have easy assembly and disassembly.

Their blade material, 5-speed tuning mode, and adjustable guard combs are user-friendly. The safety design with an ergonomic fit makes them the best dog grooming clippers available in the market.

Why We Like It

· Powerful rotatory motor to prevent snagging or pulling of hair

· Five-speed tuning blades and four comb attachments

· Cordless feature for a hassle-free grooming session

· Ideal for trimming procedures

· Affordable and budget-friendly

· Water-resistant design

· 120 min battery time

· R-shaped blade for precise and premium cutting

· Durable and secure grip

· Easy to clean


Regardless of the dog clipper you buy, keep in mind to invest in the product that gives you value for money. Also, remember that human clippers are built differently than dog clippers. Some dogs are sensitive to noise, and some may even fear odd-looking clippers. So, it is best to search, take time, and buy your favorite dog clippers for elite grooming sessions. It's all about your pooch, after all!