Do you want to give your dog the ultimate relaxation retreat with their own happy place? If the answer is "yes," we've got the perfect solution for you! A dog house can be the dog's haven to unwind and relax. But finding the perfect one can become daunting if you are given hundreds of options. Thankfully, we've got your back!

With thorough research and going through thousands of pet-parent reviews, we have handpicked the five best dog houses for your canine. All these pet houses excel in functionality and style compared to other market contenders. So without further ado, let's scroll through the options that will transform your pup's living space into something remarkable.

Why Does Your Dog Need Their Own Dog House?

Dogs crave attention, so their place is with their human family inside the house. However, if your pooch loves to spend time outside, getting an outdoor dog house would be better. A dog house keeps your pup warm in cold weather. Besides, it will protect them from rain, sun, wind, and other predators.

The idea of an outdoor dog house is not confined to backyard lovers. Dog houses are a perfect place for every dog to get away from household traffic. Furthermore, it is a safe, peaceful, and comfy place for your pup's naps. After these statements, you may consider buying one for your furry companion. But don't hurry! Let's take a look at the different types of dog houses to find the perfect option for you.

Types of Dog Houses; Which One Is Better?

There is not a one-size-fits-all option in the outdoor dog house category. These houses are classified into different types based on their material, technology, and shape. Some have stainless steel hardware, while others are made up of wood. Every model has its own pros and cons which suit specific dog breeds. Here are the most common dog house types you'll encounter in the market.

Plastic Dog House

As simple as it seems, these dog houses are made up of plastic. So, placing them on a protected or over-shelved patio is best. Some plastic dog house manufacturers create premium quality products which are much more reliable than others. Some plastic outdoor dog houses also have heated dog bed that keeps your companion cozy in cold weather.

Cooled Dog Houses

These dog houses are opposite to the typical dog sanctuaries. Instead of warming up the dog house, it cools the environment and keeps your pooch chilled in the hot summer months. While these may seem a blessing in summer, they aren't considered reliable in the winter. So, most people avoid these.

Insulated Dog House

Insulated dog houses offer comfort for your dog in extreme weather conditions. These houses are made up of double walls that are specially made up of some insulation material. These houses trap your dog's body heat inside the sanctuary, and keep the entire house warm for longer. This will keep your dog warm and save the extra costs of a specially heated dog house.

Our 5 Top Picks!

The list of different types of dog houses is pretty long. There are many more categories based on various attributes. Discussing every single one may not be possible. That's why we have picked the five best dog houses that are tested and approved by thousands of pet owners.

TRIXIE Natura Classic Outdoor Dog House

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With a simple and sleek design, this classic outdoor wood dog house is best for big dog breeds. The material used in its construction is glazed pine that is weatherproof and treated to last longer. This wooden dog house has a raised floor and adjustable feet for leveling on rough ground. Thanks to its weather-resistant asphalt roof, you won't have to worry about rain anymore.

The dog house's elevated floor helps to maintain the airflow and keeps the ventilation perfect. Rest assured if you are worried about the cleaning, as this dog house has removable floor panels. You can detach its roof in warm weather to improve the ventilation and cool your pup. This dog house comes in three sizes; small, medium, and large, suitable for 45, 75, and 90-pound dogs.

LONABR Wooden Dog House 2 Tier

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LONABR is one of the best wood dog houses on the market. It has a versatile option compared to most dog houses. The product comprises solid FIR insect-free wood panels, making it perfect for dogs living in gardens. Due to the excessive protective natural coating on this wooden dog house, it becomes an excellent option for an outdoor dog sanctuary.

Apart from keeping the dogs warm, this home can supply them with dual fun using its double-story structure. The flat roof balcony with railing can become a fun spot for your furry friend.

This dog house is created to be ideally suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Solid wood protects it in cold weather, and its natural coat reflects the harmful rays on hot days. All in all, bad weather won't be a problem for you if you choose this wooden dog house. Due to its raised slatted floor, there is minimum wear and tear. The size of this dog house is not huge, making it perfect for medium-sized dogs and small breeds.

Ferplast Dog Villa 

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Rain protection is highly needed if your dog is in love with playing in the garden. If you are looking for a unique dog house that effectively protects dogs from rain and keeps them safe, Ferplast is a perfect choice. This dog house is made up of high-quality plastic that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and anti-shock.

This plastic dog house also has a raised floor and an excellent draining system that always keeps the interior and your dog dry. The dog house has water drain slits for added insulation, making it an insulated dog house. The best part is its door which has aluminum edges.

These prevent the dog from destroying the plastic by chewing the whole door. Moreover, you can use translucent door flaps separately to protect dogs from getting wet.

Petsfit Wooden Dog House

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Petsfit dog house has a peaked roof, making it one of the ideal luxury dog houses for rainy conditions. The structure is made up of Spruce wood and stainless steel hardware, making it the perfect outdoor shelter in colder weather.

The dog house also has an excellent ventilation system for fresh air circulation. It is not ideal for large dogs. Its smaller size takes less outdoor space and makes it perfect for small dogs. There is no rear ventilation, but the removable roof fills its gap.

When it comes to cleaning, Petsfit dog house is considered one of the best dog houses on the market. It has a removable floor and an asphalt roof that requires much less cleansing. So, no matter how dirty your dog's living routine is, this sturdy dog house will ensure easy cleaning. This dog house comes in three different sizes and colors. Therefore, it will ideally serve medium dogs, small breeds, and large fur babies, making it one of the best wooden dog houses.

ASL Solutions Insulated Dog House

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ASL Solutions dog palace is considered one of the best-insulated dog houses on the market. Its elevated floor, ideal air circulation, and waterproof roof make it the perfect outback log cabin in cold weather. Dogs prefer to live in a warm and cozy place, and ASL's dog house ensures such an environment by keeping the temperature at 30 degrees Fahrenheit all the time. It protects your dog from cold and also keeps the dog cool in hot weather.

The real foam insulation inside the dog house and durable plastic protects it in inclement weather. The temperature control is not the only good thing about this dog house. The off-center door of the pet house shuts itself once the dog passes through it. Therefore, it won't get dirty easily. Additionally, the tilted roof and drain hole keep the bed area clean and allow easy cleaning.

Remember These Things Before Choosing The Best Dog House For Your Pooch

The above suggestions are some of the best dog houses that can simultaneously keep your dog warm, protected, and safe. You'll undoubtedly find the perfect option for your furry friend in these, whether they are large dogs or small pups. However, if you want to continue hunting for the best dog house on your own, keeping several attributes in mind would be better. We'll start from the basics and go through each of them one by one.


To find the best dog houses in the pet sanctuary market, it is better if you judge the perfect construction material. Dog houses can be made up of many different components. Some of the primary ones are as follows.

· Spruce Wood

· FIR Wood

· Stainless Steel

· Plastic

All of these will work fine if they are of good quality. However, it would help if you always made your choice by keeping your dog's breed, weather conditions, and place of dog house in mind. If you are looking to place indoors, plastic dog houses will work just fine.

However, an outdoor option must be made up of sturdy wood or stainless steel hardware for maximum weather protection. Besides, sturdy wood construction can make a dog house withstand years without getting damaged.

Functionality and Features

Every dog house will claim enhanced protection to help your dog comfortably spend time in the backyard. However, only a few will live up to the expectations. While looking for your pup's house, always remember your requirement.

If you want something in the summer, a removable roof dog house might work as a charm. On the other hand, in colder weather, insulated dog houses work best. Furthermore, if you plan to place the dog house in the garden, try going for the adjustable feet, as it will help the dog house stay sturdy.

Size Of The Dog House

Size may seem like a small factor, but it plays a significant role in your dog's protection. If you have small dogs getting huge dog houses for them would be a mere waste of money. You may think a larger space will make them comfortable, but it is quite the opposite.

The best instinct would be to get a dog house that is 1.25 to 1.5 times that of your dog in length and width. In the above listing, we have listed quite a few dog houses specific to the dog size. 

Style and Feel

Once you get a dog house, it will become a permanent part of your garden. Therefore, choose something that is attractive and cute. Don't try to go for extra minimal designs, as these just look too old-fashioned. In addition, some dog houses are created in such a way that they make cleaning easier. For instance, sloped rooftops won't require you to clean the roof every time it rains.

Try to go for raised floor designs as they have the best insulation and keep the bed dry. Dog houses with removable floors are relatively expensive but worth the money as they allow easy cleaning. When it comes to the color, ensure that you use light-colored dog houses, as these will absorb lesser heat in hot weather and keep your dog cool.

Assembly and Portability

When selecting a dog house, it's important to consider how easy it is to assemble and whether it offers portability. Portability is handy if you frequently travel with your dog or if you need to move the dog house around your yard. Look for models that require minimal tools and can be set up quickly. Opt for lightweight options that are easy to disassemble and transport. Some dog houses even come with handles or wheels for added convenience.

Portable dog houses are also great for camping trips, visits to friends and family, or other outdoor adventures. They provide your dog with a familiar and comfortable space wherever you go. However, they may not be as strong as other dog houses. That is why, when choosing a dog house, consider the balance between sturdiness and portability.


A dog's well-being and happiness is the foremost priority of every pet owner. The best way to ensure their safety is by giving them their own secure and comfortable space that they can call home. A dog house is not just that shelter but a safe space for your pooch to stretch, nap, and rest without the fear of rain, wind, or predators.