Once in a lifetime, your dog would have ruined your bed or favorite carpet with their "mess." What if we told you there is a way to avoid all that? If you want to control the urine odor and save your floors, carpet, and furniture from your cute friend, pee pads are your only solution.

But wait! Don't just hover over to the store to buy these training pads right away! These puppy pee pads are of many types with multiple unique features. You'll be bombarded with so many options that will leave you scratching your head to choose the best one.

Don't worry; we've got you covered! With thorough research, assessing multiple reviews, and customer requirements, we have brought the best puppy training pads for you. Moreover, this article will take you through the general overview of the training pad and its need in your house.

Why Do You Need Puppy Training Pads?

If you have a dog, you'll understand what it's like to deal with the overpowering scent of their pee. Besides, untrained dogs do not pee in a single place. They leak everywhere and make the whole house smell bad which helps understand why dog parents need these indoor pee pads.

Besides the mess, there is the fuss of grabbing your dog by the leash and taking it to the puppy pads. Some busy dog parents cannot afford to invest their time in that and that's where the best dog pee pads jump in. These are specifically made to draw dogs toward them rather than ruining your couch in your absence.

How To Choose the Best Dog Pee Pads?

There is not a single hard and fast fact to choose the puppy pee pad. Instead, you must focus on diverse factors and try multiple pads to select the one that suits you the best.

Typically, the best puppy pee pads won't leak and are washable, economical, and scented for odor control. Below is an in-depth overview of these characteristics and their importance:


Dog pee pads usually come in two different variants/types. One is disposable pee pads, while the other is washable pee pads.

Both of these have excellent absorbency and serve the purpose well. Disposable puppy pads are very popular because of ease of use.

Washable dog pee pad rarely needs replacement and are very durable.

Odor Control

Usually, unhealthy dogs with kidney disorders or diabetic urine don't smell. The reason is that their urine is extremely diluted. However, healthy dogs’ situation is quite the opposite. Healthy and senior dogs' urine has a pungent aroma that is not bearable at all. Besides, the scented pads need less washing which increases their life longevity.

Leak Proof Plastic Liner

One sole purpose of using dog pads is to provide potty training without destroying the floors and furniture. However, the pads won't fulfill the purpose if they keep leaking around. To prevent that, manufacturers use leak-proof plastic liners to ensure ideal absorption and contain urine within the pad. 


The size of pee pads depends on your dog's size. Larger dogs comparatively need a bigger pad. No matter how good the absorption is, it will most likely leak out if you use a smaller pad for bigger dogs. On the other hand, using bigger puppy pads to pad train very small dogs is just a waste of pennies.

Our 5 Top Picks of Puppy Pads

Our team has gathered your top 5 puppy pads based on their functioning, expertise, and availability.

Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads

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Why We Like It

Amazon Basics pet training pads are one of the best pee pads with multiple layered structures. These dog pads are the best to enhance absorbance and control smell.

As for the primary feature, these puppy pads have an excellent ability to absorb urine. Unlike other pee pads, these have 5 layers to prevent leaking. The top layer is a quilted pad that prevents the training pad from falling apart when wet.

Furthermore, it also helps eliminate odor without any additional attraction scent, however, scented ones are available. This product has two separate variants to satisfy the individual customer needs. It's ideal for people focusing on terminating urine odor without spending hundreds of dollars.

Four Paws Wee-Wee Pee Pads

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Why We Like It

Wee Wee pads are known for their oversized quilted pockets for extra absorption. That's why most people refer to them as "all absorb" training pads. Besides the excellent absorbency, these pee pads also intend to facilitate large dogs. The 22" x 23" size is ideal for all size dogs.

Along with an ordinary spongy pad, it has a grass-scented variant that gives your pooch a natural feel. This dog grass pad also has a special lining on the top layer, which attracts the dogs in combination with the scent.

With the grass-scented variant, it has an eco-friendly and gigantic type that can absorb even more liquid and control the odor better.

Bulldoglogy Carbon Black Puppy Pee Pads

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Why We Like It

The Bulldogology pee pads may not have the budget price, but it does have the maximum efficiency out of them all. These training pads are 3 times thicker than normal puppy pads. Moreover, they have 6 layers of insulation with bullsorbent polymer tech that makes potty training easier, without any mess.

The absorbing power is not the only thing making it one of the best puppy training pads. Instead, its adhesive sticky tape is one of the unique features that put these adhesive tabs at the top of the list.

Glad Black Charcoal Puppy Pads

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Why We Like It

This 5-layer insulation of charcoal puppy pads is also equally functional, compared to 6-layer puppy pads. This dog pad tends to absorb urine within 30 seconds. That is something not all pee pads can do!

Furthermore, it is a blessing for busy dog owners that do not have the time to potty train their dog all the time. The activated charcoal and pheromone attractant inside this pad works for both small dogs like Chihuahuas, along with large breeds, like Pit Bulls.

SincoPet Washable Dog Pee Pads

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Why We Like It

If your dog's comfort is your main concern, these puppy pads work just fine. These training pads are made with 100% polyester knitted top layer, and are unlike the usual disposable pads because these are much more reliable. These reusable pads are washable and don't leave you wondering how many puppy pads you'll have to change this month.

These dog training pads are excellent for pet parents with senior dogs because they have silica gel bottoms, making the pad anti-slip. As a result, it enhances the safety of your furry companion. SincoPet puppy pads are also excellent for pet parents because of their massive size measuring 36"x 41" for your gentle giant.


The puppy training pads are the easiest solution to eliminate the screeching odor of your pet's excreta. Moreover, the pee pad trains your dog to become self-sufficient/trained for urination, which can help you prevent damage to your household items.