Did you know freeze dried dog food can retain 98% nutrition of the original raw food? This makes it far healthier than regular kibble and an excellent alternative to your canine's raw diet. However, choosing the wrong freeze dried dog food can bring more harm than good to your pup's health! So, it's better to have optimum knowledge about its pros and cons.

This article will help you assess the importance of a freeze dried diet and the key factors you must consider before buying dried dog food. Our compiled list of the top recipes would help you a lot if you don't want to spend hours searching for the best option on the market. Rest assured, every product on the list is sourced naturally without artificial additives. But before buying, let's see what this food is and how it would help your canine.

Is Freeze Dried Dog Food Healthy For Dogs?

Every dog parent wants to give their pooch tasty and healthy food. Every dog loves to eat raw foods, but these require an extra laborious effort to be prepared. However, freeze dried meals are a different thing because they are specifically treated using the freeze drying tactic, which refers to instant water removal.

Furthermore, the nutritional value and raw ingredients don't lose their quality with time, all thanks to the technique of freeze drying. The best part about this food is the extremely long shelf life, saving you from the hassle of repeatedly going to the store. The best freeze dried dog foods are made from extremely high-quality ingredients, therefore, they have massive health benefits for dogs.

As for the freeze dried recipes, they are grain-free and gluten-free, making them ideal for dogs with allergies. Moreover, the nutrient density of premium freeze dried raw food products is much more than typical kibble. The nutrients and elements such as omega fatty acids, make them a balanced meal and enhance immunity.

Is It The Same As Dehydrated Dog Food?

Freeze dried and dehydrated foods have lower water content compared to raw food, which is why both may seem the same to most of you. But the truth is, freeze dried dog food is different and somewhat better than dehydrated dog food. The procedural steps of freeze drying remove most of the moisture content without affecting the texture and taste of the food. In contrast, dry food removes only 95% moisture and messes up the texture by making the food brittle.

Freeze dried dog food has a minimum number of artificial flavors. Unlike dehydrated dog food, freeze drying deals with minimum artificial preservatives to freeze and store the raw food. In addition, freeze dried dog food is minimally processed, which helps to retain the original nutrition and flavor and makes it easy to digest.

These types of food also differ in aroma, taste, and rehydration. Unlike dehydrated foods, freeze dried foods are grain-free. Furthermore, in rehydration, it is improbable that you will lose vital vitamins and nutrients from dehydrated food. With fresh, dried dog foods, you can rehydrate them faster and keep the nutrients intact.

How To Choose The Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food

To choose the best freeze dried dog food, consider your furry companion's size, breed, and state. Despite its benefits, the "wrong" dog food can cause severe health problems for your pup. Therefore, focusing on every nitty-gritty detail is essential if you are trying freeze dried dog foods for the first time.

The best dog food has 98-99% of the water removed. Try to choose the option that matches the percentage. Also, don't start with freeze dried dog food having the highest nutrients. The sudden change in your dog food diet may upset their stomach and cause gastrointestinal problems.

Most dog food recipes have animal protein in the form of meat, however, very few have veggies and fruits, which are rich sources of antioxidants and improve your dog's health. Choose the one with naturally sourced animal and plant protein and always use grain-free freeze dried dog food to enhance immunity without triggering allergies.

Our List Of The Top 5 Freeze Dried Recipes

As a caring parent, you must carefully choose your freeze-dried dog food. A wrong decision may harm your pup's healthy lifestyle. The freeze dried foods listed below pass through the best freeze drying process to retain the maximum number of proteins, nutrients, and vitamins. Let's see which one suits you the best!

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dog Food

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This freeze dried dog food comes in patties and is ideal for adult dogs. Stella & Chewy's freeze dried recipes are perfect for dogs that are just dipping their toes in the frozen food waters. It's organic with a natural source of production and this freeze dried food has multiple protein extraction sources, including grass-fed beef, beef heart, fish oil, bone broth, organic carrots, and other veggies.

Its long term use as a dog food topper would help increase your dog's digestive health because it has several probiotics. Besides, it helps enhance your dog's joint mobility and boosts immunity against diseases. The food is grain-free and has no artificial preservatives or hormones, therefore, its usage does not affect dogs that are sensitive to grains or artificial flavors.

You can choose from beef, lamb, chicken liver, salmon, and beef. Their 11 different freeze dried recipes are minimally processed, digested easily, and has a long shelf life.

BIXBI Rawbble Freeze Dried Dog Food

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BIXBI freeze dried recipes have 98% muscle and organ meat, making them chock full of protein which helps your pup become more energetic and improve their immunity. Many dog parents also reported that the BIXBI freeze dried dog food helped their puppy's skin and coat become more shiny and healthy.

The ingredients of this dog food include duck liver, ground bone, duck heart, gizzard, and pumpkin. Furthermore, its elements include veggies and fruits that give your dog antioxidants to boost their immunity. BIXBI is conscious about quality, so it contains no corn, soy, or wheat grains in their freeze dried recipes.

The components are made and sourced in the USA, and this freeze dried dog food has a fantastic array of nutrients. Moreover, this grain-free dog food has salmon oil that helps your dog's skin shine and has plenty of flavors (7 recipes), making it ideal for picky eaters.

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers

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Instinct Raw freeze dried dog food is perfect for adult dogs because of the high-quality veggies used as an ingredient. This organic product has apple cider vinegar, organic carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seed, organic squash, ground flaxseed, and multiple organic fruits. This freeze dry dog food also has cage-free chicken meat, ground beef bone broth, and grass-fed beef liver, increasing its protein content and making it a balanced and healthy meal for your dog.

All of its high-quality ingredients are minimally processed, so the flavor and taste of the original products are retained. Its strong taste attracts every dog breed, so dog parents love using it for their picky eaters. This dry dog food comes in small batches, therefore, it can also be served as a dog food topper for larger dogs. All in all, it is the one universal food ideal for every dog breed and life stage.

Most dog parents found it extremely beneficial for their skinny dogs due to the high-fat content from the beef spleen raw meat, which helps give a dog energy along with organic fruits. This freeze dried dog food is also free from all grains and filler additives.

ORIJEN® Freeze Dried Dog Food

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The ORIJEN freeze dried dog food has strong aroma and taste, and pet parents of extremely picky eaters would love this product. This treated raw dog food has high-quality ingredients and naturally sourced veggies, making it 90% full of proteins and perfect for dogs with a raw diet. The meats used in this freeze dried dog food are turkey liver, grass-fed beef, beef heart, wild-caught herrings, and beef kidney, making it a complete and balanced meal.

The meal package comes in small nuggets, which is perfect as a dog food topper. Its raw food passes through the best freeze drying process, making it one of the best frozen dog foods on the market. Moreover, every flavor of ORIJEN dog food is grain-free with no artificial preservatives.

ORIJEN has three recipes that use fish oil for essential fatty acids, which improve a dog's coat. This freeze dried dog food also has vitamin E supplements extracted from natural sources that help improve bone and joint health. Since the food is minimally processed, most vitamins, enzymes, and minerals will stay intact, making it a balanced formula.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition-Nutra Complete

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Ultimate Pet Nutrition has a mixture of sweet potatoes, organic spinach, beef liver, fish oil, organic blueberries, organic cranberries, pumpkin seed, and organic fruits, which makes it the one of the best for picky eaters.

The mixture is healthy and tasteful for dogs on a raw diet because of its grain-free flavors. The raw meat, vitamin E supplement, ground bone, beef heart, and beef liver, make it an ideal dog food topper and treat. Dog parents have stated that the smaller dog breeds love to have them as their primary raw meal source.

This freeze dried dog food is a great choice because of its antioxidants, prebiotics, and amino acid content. Unlike other freeze dried recipes, it does not depend on raw meat for nutrients. Nutra's formula recipe has multiple prebiotics that helps enhance your canine's metabolism, giving them internal health and safety. This dog food helps repair your pup's tissues and damaged lesions faster because of its amino acid content.


As for the key takeaway, freeze dried dog food is ideally best because it has no artificial preservatives or additives. Moreover, almost every freeze dried dog food is grain-free, which makes it healthy for adult dogs with specific allergies. Our recommended list has everything you need to give your dog a delicious and healthy treat without spending a fortune.