Despite dogs being known as man's best friend and beloved companions, there is one particular task that many humans find less than enjoyable - picking up their dog's waste while out on a walk. While we cherish the time spent with our furry friends, this one duty may be deemed less appealing to some pet parents.

Let's find out why you should need a dog waste bag and what factors you should consider while choosing one. Our top 5 picks will also help you to decide wisely. Let's get started.

Why Dog Poop Is A Matter Of Concern?

The dog poop, whether on your lawn or in the park, doesn't disappear on its own. Dog waste left on the ground can contaminate runoff and eventually reach water supplies, introducing harmful microorganisms and excess nutrients such as coliform bacteria and parasites.

The US Environmental Protection Agency considers it a pollutant, highlighting the need for proper disposal to protect aquatic life and human health.

Dog poop carries harmful parasites like hookworms, salmonella, and parvo. Their eggs remain in the soil, posing a risk of infection to those who come in contact with it.

Why Should I Need Dog Waste Bags?

While certain regions may enforce legal consequences for failing to pick up after your four-legged friend, the ethical responsibility to do so goes beyond simply avoiding a fine. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is a fundamental obligation towards your surroundings, fellow creatures, and fellow humans.

By promptly disposing of our dogs' excrement, we uphold humane values and show consideration for the well-being of our environment and those who inhabit it. The most effective way to fulfill our duty of cleaning up after our canine companion is to invest in a proper dog poop bag.

However, the type of bag we choose matters significantly regarding environmental impact. Standard plastic bags should be avoided as they can harm the planet. Instead, we should explore the wide variety of alternatives available in the market, such as biodegradable bags, scented pouches, dispensers, and even holders, for added convenience.

In order to ensure we make the most optimal choice for our needs and the environment, it's crucial to consider several factors such as ease of use, ability to protect water sources, and overall eco-friendliness.

BioBag Premium Pet Waste Bags

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This BioBag pet waste carrier is best for all sizes and breeds of pooches. Instead of using regular polyethylene plastic bags, these are made up of natural things which don’t cause harm to the environment.

Manufacturers use vegetable oils, plant starches, and polymers to make these dog poop bags; the resin is entirely compostable. Thus the micro-organisms residing in the soils consume it and help protect the environment.

These affordable, sustainable, and eco friendly green trash carriers are also compostable in municipal facilities.

Why We Like It

● Package has 200 poo bags.

● Suitable for all small to medium and large canines

● Thick and big perfect to use

● Opaque

● Durable

● Eco-friendly (resin derived from vegetable oils, plants, and polymers)

● Sturdy bags and roll easily

Amazon Basics Dog Poop Bags With Dispenser and Leash Clip

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The odor of poop can irritate pup parents, and the responsibility of scooping it seems disgusting. AmazonBasics dog waste bags come with a Cucumber scent and lessen the poo smell to a great extent.

These scented bags are thick enough to keep your hands protected and opaque so that you can’t see the trash. You can also buy an unscented variety. The product contains 18 rolls, each with 15 bags, a total of 270. Moreover, the plastic free dispenser makes it easy to tear the bag from the roll while walking.

This poo roll also comes with a matching leash clip and a carabiner which keeps the clip clipped onto a leash. It makes the poop roll easy to carry. The leash is not included; you can buy a leash separately for your canine.

Why We Like It

● Available in four scents: Brazilian Mango, Cucumber, Talcum Powder, and Lavender scent; Unscented at the same price

● Available in different sizes; 270, 540, and 810 bags

● Hold large loads and easy tying

● Standard size: 13x9 inches

● Small to large pooch breeds

● Tear easily

● Standard dispensers

● Easy to carry

● Leakproof

● Opaque

● Thick

● Durable

● Affordable

Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags

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These feces rolls are leakproof and rip-resistant for small to large pups, less to heavy loads, and can hold the poo (15 Liters) on long walks. The infusion of D2W additives with these environmentally friendly carriers makes them break down in less time than regular bags once they reach the landfill.

These best dog poop bags make scooping easy because they easily tear up from the roll, are extra thick, never allow direct contact and make your hands dirty, and are durable. It has a Jasmine scent and comes in assorted colors.

We We Like It

● Available in different sizes; 10, 16, 24, and 60

● Enough room to hold a large load

● Standard poop bags: 13x9 inches

● All pooch breeds

● Heavy duty bags

● Easy to tear

● Easy to carry

● Leakproof

● Opaque

● 15 Microns thick

● Durable

Arm & Hammer Dog Poop Bags With Baking Soda

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These poop bags are primarily for use with the pooper scooper, perfect for those who don’t want to clean up with their hands. They are freshly scented but don’t contain any flavor scent; the manufacturer uses activated baking soda to lessen or eliminate the odor.

They are also perfect to use and fit in waste bag dispensers of standard sizes. The material is strong and is 2 times thicker than several bags like standard grocery bags and can hold up to 4 gallons of trash. These durable poop bags are perfect for a long walk, lawn, and quick and easy pick-ups with easy tie handles.

Why We Like It

● For all pooch breeds

● Heavy duty bags

● Best to use with the pooper scooper

● Easy tie handles

● Leak proof

● Opaque

● Thick

● Durable

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

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These earth rated poo bags are standard-size and perfect for all-size pooches. Lavender scent bags are leakproof and thick enough to accommodate any size poop without getting torn.

These earth rated dog bags are bpa free, not made from plastic but paper material. So, it doesn’t pose even a little risk and is environmentally friendly. These bags are made up of recyclable materials.

Why We Like It

● For all pooch breeds and sizes

● Leakproof

● Opaque

● Extra thick

● Durable

● Lavender Scented Earth Rated dog poo roll

● Recyclable (recycled materials)

● BPA free (no plastic in manufacturing)

Is A Biodegradable Bag Really Biodegradable?

Everyone knows pup poop isn't good for the environment if you leave it unattended. Simultaneously filling the local landfill with many plastic containers or bags isn't a good practice to follow. It's problematic, especially for every pup owner who loves their pup and the environment equally.

Many companies claim to sell eco-friendly dog waste bags with the name 'biodegradable dog poop bags.' But the question is, are these eco-friendly bags really helping out?

No, they are not. Let me elaborate on the answer for your convenient understanding.

If you're a dog owner looking for eco-friendly options for disposing of your furry friend's poo, it's essential to understand the labeling and standards surrounding certified compostable bags.

Biodegradable vs Compostable Bag

First, you must understand the difference between biodegradable and compostable bags because these two terms are associated with pup poo bags. The waste of living things is biodegradable, simply the slow decaying process of anything into smaller components like water and methane. However, when it comes to compostable, the process needs microbes that digest the material and break it down.

ASTM D6400 and Compostable Label

The ASTM D6400 standard is the benchmark for compostability, and any product claiming to meet this standard should fully decompose within a specified time frame without leaving any harmful residue behind.

However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned pup poo bag makers against using this label, as it can be misleading. While a bag may meet the standard, it doesn't necessarily mean it will decompose in a backyard compost bin, and it's essential to understand the specific conditions required for proper decomposition.

As a responsible dog owner, it's essential to understand that not all compostable dog poop bags are created equal. While these bags may degrade under specific conditions, including high temperatures and oxygen, they are not a perfect solution for disposing of pet waste.

It's worth noting that the anaerobic conditions found in landfills can't provide the necessary heat of 122 °F (50 °C) or warmer and oxygen for true composting, so don't assume that your dog's waste bags will break down in such an environment.

Moreover, due to the potential for bacteria and parasites in pup poo, it's unsafe to compost it publicly or at home.

So when it comes to choosing suitable bags for your furry friend, it's essential to look beyond the "compostable" label and consider other factors, such as reducing overall waste and choosing biodegradable materials whenever possible.

How To Find The Best Dog Poop Bag - Buying Guide

Here is a simple guide that helps you determine which points to keep in mind while buying a pets poop bag for your pooch’s poop.


As you pick pets' poop by hand, there are some factors you should keep in mind while buying one for ease of use. Buy a poo bag that is wide enough to allow you to insert your hand properly. A tall one is necessary so that once you put the poop in it, you easily tie off and clip it with the dispenser's handle.

Choose a thick one so you can never come in contact with the poop. Moreover, an opaque bag is better to choose so that instead of touching it, you even can't get a look at it. Thus, the whole process becomes an excellent ease for you.


Dog poop bag dispensers come in various sizes and shapes, but a typical size is around 9 by 13 inches when unfolded. Roll sizes are typically small, at approximately 2.5 inches high and 1.5 inches or less in diameter, making them compatible with most dispensers.

However, checking the dimensions of your poop bags before buying a dispenser is essential.

There are two main types of poop bag holders one is the flexible plastic chamber with a dispensing hole or slit and the baggier versions that can accommodate a wider range of roll types and sizes.

So, when choosing a poop bag dispenser, consider the specific kind of poop bag you use to ensure a good fit.


The dimensions matter the most when deciding on a poop bag for your pup. Choose according to your needs, whether a roll or a waste bag. The measurements depend upon many things, like the size of your dog and how much it poop.

Rolls or Bags

The market has both rolls and bags; it depends upon your preferences because it is you who can scoop the pup waste. So, choose according to your ease.


The dog poop bags are mostly made of plastic material, and people throw them in regular trashes. Some compostable ones demand to be adequately composted at municipal facilities; thus, they are treated in an eco-friendly way not to harm the environment in any way.


The manufacturing company claims the poop bags are eco friendly or environmentally friendly; we find that they are, but in certain circumstances, so if dog owners know the proper requirements for decomposing these waste bags, then choose eco-friendly ones.

However, if you know the proper way of disposing of trash, remember to choose one with this feature.


Some heavy duty thick bags are perfect to choose which come with leak-proof features for all breeds of dogs. Thus, a durable one is best for going on long walks with you and your dog. Durability doesn't mean you use the same bag for multiple poops. Use a separate one every time you need to scoop the poop.

Although thicker poop bags often offer more strength and durability, their primary benefit is to create more space between you and your dog's waste. This means that if you are repulsed by the warmth or odor of dog poop, a thicker bag can provide better insulation and protect you from these sensations.

Remember, a poop bag should be leak-proof, thick, and durable to hold the poop of small to large dogs.


Price may vary depending upon the type of poop bags, for example, the rolls or waste bags, scented or unscented, compostable or non-compostable bags. But the price is not too much; remember, it is crucial for your health, your pet, your surroundings, and the overall environment.

How To Properly Dispose Dog Waste Bags?

Pooch poo is not good to leave unattended, not for water, earth, and living organisms. Even if you use dog poop bags, you can't throw them anywhere or in a trash can. It should be every dog owner's duty to dispose of it properly. Here are some ways to properly dispose of dog poop bags.

Flush The Dog Waste Properly

In the market, you will find flushable bags, and in case you can't buy them, then make a habit of emptying the non-flushable bags into the toilet (an environmentally friendly way of disposing of pet poop). You can send the flushable bags to the sewage treatment plant or even put them in the septic tank if your product recommends it.


Dog poop is never as beneficial as a cow or chicken one. It contains harmful parasites, so don't think of digging into your vegetable garden and putting the waste in it. The harmful bacteria will mix up with your newly grown vegetables. You can use the waste in your garden for landscaping purposes if you want.


Don't throw the dog poop bags into a can; however, you should double bag it before. You should also check if the waste goes to the landfill.


You can bury the dog waste if you know the right way to do it. Many manufacturers make in-ground disposal bins, which help dog owners throw poop with water and digester.

These bins break down the pet waste without causing any issues to trees, water bodies, and the environment. To ensure your pets stay away from it, be sure to bury the dog poop at least 12 inches deep and cover it securely if you don't have an in-ground disposal bin. This will keep the bacteria contained and prevent any potential harm to your furry friends.


Here we have discussed the 5 best dog poop bags for all dog breeds. Decide one which meets your requirements and keeps your surroundings and environment clean.