Finding the best food for small breed dogs is difficult, especially regarding dog foods for French Bulldogs. The reason is there is no particular nutritious guideline for it. It is the Frenchies' age that plays the primary role.

Like every other pup, French Bulldogs have three stages of life

● Puppy: Under 12 months: Labeled as French Bulldog Puppy Food: more calories

● Adult: Over 12 months: Labeled as French Bulldog Adult Food: medium calories

● Senior: 10+ years: Labeled as French Bulldog Senior Food: fewer calories

Which nutrients are required and how much quantity is better for a healthy weight depends on these life stages.

How We Select The Best Dog Foods

Here is the list of the 5 best dog foods for French Bulldogs, which our team has finalized after researching and reading Frenchies owners' reviews and first-hand experiences so that you can get the right product in your hand in the end.

Moreover, we have shared a detailed buying guide that will help you to find the right product for your French Bulldog. This informational piece also discusses the questions related to grain free food, animal protein, deboned chicken, Frenchie wet food, and many more.

Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Dog Food

Best Food For Adult Frenchies

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Purina pro plan small breed dog is one of the best dog food for French Bulldogs containing probiotics. It is made with a shredded blend of fresh chicken and rice formula. It is a bite-sized dog food, dense in nutrients and small, tender shredded pieces that perfectly match the texture and taste loved by dogs.

High protein formula combined with chicken makes it one of the best dog foods. This food is necessary for a healthy digestive system as it has natural prebiotic fiber from wheat bran. These fibers nourish specific intestinal bacteria that are good for digestive health.

This food should be in the French Bulldog's diet as it contains Vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids to nourish healthy skin and coat. It contains essential nutrients, calcium, phosphorous and other minerals to maintain strong bones and teeth.

This product includes protein in the dog's diet that meets the needs of small active dogs. Moreover, live probiotics boost immune health and improve digestion.

Why We Like It

● It is rich in protein that helps to maintain lean muscles.

● It is the proper meal for dogs as it is made from real meat, including beef meal, chicken, and lamb meal.

● It is available in three varieties; Chicken & Rice; Beef & Rice; Lamb & Rice

● Due to its dense nutrients, it is recommended for highly active small breed dogs.

● This food is a perfect blend of nutrition and flavor that best suits the taste and texture of a dog and also act as a balanced diet and makes Frenchies tummy's stay very regular.

● This product offers both exceptional quality and affordability in its price.


Best For Puppy Frenchies

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If you are searching for dry dog food for French Bulldog puppies, then Neutro natural dog food must be your choice with chicken meal and brown rice recipe. It is specially designed for puppies up to 1-year-old.

Omega 3 fatty acids make this dog food best for brain and eye development. Essential antioxidants support a healthy immune system, and calcium help to maintain strong bones and joint health.

The main ingredients include chicken fat, chicken meal, brown rice, and animal protein. This dry food for dogs is formulated without chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy protein, so no GMO ingredient is in it.

It is for all life stages of a dog and all breed sizes, from small breeds to large ones. You can mix the Neutro natural dry dog food with Neuto natural wet, which makes it more nutritious, delectable, and lovable by dogs of all breeds and life stages.

Why We Like It

● This high-quality food is for every pooch with all the essential nutrients for a healthy body weight.

● For people who want their Frenchie to have strong bones, teeth, and a healthy immune system, this is the best dog food for french bulldogs.

● The best thing about this dog food is that it is made with non-GMO ingredients.

● This particular food has a type of dry food life stage.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

For Frenchies Growth

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Hill's Science dry dog food is specially designed for French Bulldog puppies in their growth stage. You will love this dry food for puppies because it supports their overall growth and healthy immune system.

The main ingredients include fresh chicken and barley, which are rich in high-quality protein to promote lean muscle growth. DHA, present in fish oil, is a part of this food that is healthy for Frenchies’ brain and eye development.

It is one of the finest and most highly appreciated dog food for your Frenchie because it has a balanced set of minerals to promote strong bones and teeth of young pups.

Fresh chicken meal, pork meal, fish oil, and a little flavor of chicken liver and corn gluten meal make it the most delectable and nutritious food for French Bulldog puppies. This bioactive recipe with probiotics is an ultimate help in food digestion.

Why We Like It

● Veterinarians highly recommend this dog food because it is one of the best products for canines’ growth.

● You can choose food according to your dog’s weight because each food bag has a chart that instructs you according to your needs.

● It has all-natural ingredients without any preservatives that have a good effect on health; thus, dogs will be able to digest food easily.

Victor Super Premium Dog Food

Best Weight Management For Senior Frenchies

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If you are searching for the best dog food for French Bulldogs, then Victor Super Premium dog food must be your choice, especially if you are looking for weight management dog food. It is specifically formulated for adult dogs and less-active older French Bulldogs for optimal health and to avoid extra weight gain.

It is a gluten-free dry food that includes high-quality fresh chicken meal, beef meal and fish meal. Gluten-free grains and L- carnitine supports lean muscle development and nourishment. The Victor Super dog food contains glucosamine and chondroitin that supports hip and joint health.

You will love this food for French Bulldogs as its formula is rich in supplements, vitamins, and minerals to boost the genetic potential of every dog. This kibble dry food is the best dog food regardless of breed, age, and activity level.

It is one of the finest and most premium dog food for the French Bulldogs. It is fortified with minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, protein, and amino acids, which promotes immune and healthy digestion and lively skin.

This nutrient-rich dog food contains animal protein and plant protein that helps and acts as a healthy weight dog food.

Why We Like It

● It is one of the best and most high-quality senior weight control dog food with weight management formulation.

● It is absolutely a master food for hip and joint health, made of gluten-free grains.

● Due to its rich in supplements, minerals, and vitamin quality, it is the best dog food for all breeds, especially small breeds.

● It is available in different lb (5lb, 15lb, 40lb) dog food bags.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Dog Food

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This Chicken Soup for the soul dog food is one of the finest puppy food specifically for a young growing puppy. This high quality dog food contains DHA for proper eye and brain development. The nutritional value added to this soup is perfect for the happy, healthy, vibrant dog.

It is a completely balanced meal with all the necessary nutrition and ingredients for a healthy body weight for your dog. It is all-natural dry dog food with a real fresh chicken meal and turkey meal. There is no use of by-products, wheat, soy, or corn.

There is no compromise on the dog's health, so this dog food never contains artificial flavor, color, or preservatives. It supports healthy skin and coats. You will find it the best food for your French Bulldog puppy because it maintains immune health and supports lean muscles.

The menhaden fish meal is one of the most valuable ingredients in this pet food that helps in digestion and improves bone health and metabolic function.

Why We Like It

● It is recommended because it is the best natural dry food for French Bulldogs. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, which is essential for every healthy puppy food.

● It is a completely balanced meal for sensitive stomachs like a puppy and to maintain a healthy digestive system.

● All nutrients, including omega fatty acids, make it the best food in a dog's diet.

● Moreover, other available choices are for adults of large breeds and puppies and all ages (a french bulldog puppy to adult dogs).

● It is a certified sustainable product.

The Buyer's Guide: Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs

A Frenchie owner knows how extreme care is essential for a French Bulldog. The French Bulldogs' weak stomach often shows food intolerance, and some may develop food allergies.

So, extensive research is necessary regarding food meals and required nutrients as it is a matter of your Frenchies health. Therefore, the elaborate method and the essential points are here.

The Frenchies have three life stages depending upon their development states. Joints, muscles, and bones continuously develop and grow but at different paces. That's why veterinarians always recommend using food that fits the needs of a Frenchie's particular life stage.

Required Nutrients

Frenchies have a very different nature than other pooches. All toy dogs have different activity levels, which is why they are full of variable energy levels. They love to sit, snuggle, and play but don't like too much exercise because of their compact and small bodies.


Don't see their small bodies; these toy pups are bulldogs. Having muscular and stocky bodies, they always need protein meals. According to vets, a moderate to the high portion of animal protein is necessary and good.

Animal protein is preferred over plant-based as it is easy for a Frenchie to digest. Don't put in too much protein because it may cause allergies; hence the recommended percentage is

● 22% for puppies

● 18% for adults

Low Fats

Have a stocky body; Frenchie quickly gains weight and doesn't like to go for a walk even. So, keep the fat percentage lower; it is best for your small toy pup. However, the added fat should be from some healthy source to support the pup's overall health.

Low Carb

In order to save French Bulldogs from obesity, it is necessary to lower the carb value, and the source should be dietary fiber. This will help maintain a healthy weight, keep digestive issues minimum, and your pup will not develop gas issues.

Vitamins & Minerals

Like other canines, dog food for French Bulldogs should contain vitamins and minerals according to their health, body, and development needs. Incorporating whole food ingredients can help provide a balanced blend of vital vitamins and minerals.

Don't Add

GMO food is not good, and void fillers, soy, and corn easily trigger food allergies. Complex carbohydrates from the source of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should be part of your Frenchie meal.


As French bulldogs age, they may experience joint issues, and supplementing their diet with glucosamine and chondroitin can support their joint health.

● Add balanced calcium and phosphorus to make their bones strong.

● Including omega fatty acids in the diet can promote healthy skin and coat, as well as aid in managing inflammation.

● Antioxidants and Vitamin E can be beneficial for supporting the immune system.

● Vitamins C and K may be helpful in managing bleeding disorders.


In order to keep the gastrointestinal system of French Bulldogs in good working order, it's essential to provide them with probiotics and prebiotics in their diet.

Required Calories Per Day

How much food can your Frenchie consume? It depends upon its age and activity level. You find a label on the dog foods for French Bulldogs which tells the right age depending upon which food ingredients are designed and the quantity that is perfect for your pet friend. See the required calories for different life stages.

French Bulldog Puppies:

Puppies' growth and activity level require a higher calorie intake of 30 to 40 calories per pound per day. The exact amount depends on their activity level, with hyperactive puppies requiring the higher end of the range.

French Bulldog Adult:

As for adult French Bulldogs with average activity levels, they need approximately 25 to 30 calories per pound to maintain their weight and meet their energy needs.

French Bulldog Seniors:

As senior French Bulldogs age and their activity level decrease, their calorie intake should also decrease. Older French Bulldogs need approximately 20 to 25 calories per pound to maintain a healthy weight and energy level.

Required Quantity

Though the pup foods clearly state the should-be-given food quantity, there is still some information you should know as a French Bulldog owner. Here are some tips to keep your Frenchie well-fed and healthy:

● An excellent way to know if your Frenchie is getting the right amount of food is by feeling their ribs through a thin layer of skin and fat. If you can feel the ribs, the quantity your Frenchie is getting is perfect. But if your Frenchie starts putting on weight, you may need to decrease their food portion slightly and vice versa.

● To keep your Frenchie's energy levels sustained throughout the day, divide their daily serving into smaller meals. This also helps prevent them from overeating in one sitting.

● When your Frenchie is a puppy, feed them 3-4 times daily to support their growing bodies. As they mature, keep the number lowers to 3 after every 8 hours.

● Adult and senior Frenchies generally do well with two meals a day, which provides them with the necessary nutrition without overloading their digestive system.

Note: Remember that every dog is unique, so adjust the portion size as needed to keep your Frenchie fit and healthy.

Frenchies may develop certain health issues in addition to food allergies. Thus, the diet of French Bulldog puppies should be decided based on such nutrients, which help the pal to get less prone to diseases.

We have listed some recommended nutrients that should be in dog foods for healthy weight according to significant health issues:

Eye Health

Eye conditions mainly occur in Frenchies, like Cherry Eye, Entropion, and Conjunctivitis or pink eye.

1. Fresh and raw food helps in healing and supports Frenchies' vision.

2. Add beta-carotene can be found abundantly in orange vegetables like pumpkin and carrots.

3. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as blueberries, are highly beneficial for eye health.

4. Salmon and sardines are natural sources of omega fatty acids that are good for the body and eyes.

5. Green vegetables such as broccoli and kale are rich in phytonutrients.

Obesity, Joint Health & Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

Obesity is common in Frenchies and is the leading cause of joint issues and IVDD. Joint issues of French Bulldogs include Hip Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, or Patellar Luxation. The best dog foods nutrient includes

● High-quality and protein-rich food that offers support to lean muscle mass

● Preventing obesity by giving low-fat and digestible carbohydrates.

● Maintaining joint health by adding Glucosamine and chondroitin to food.

● Use fish and flaxseed to add Omega fatty acids to manage joint inflammation.

● Add balanced calcium and phosphorus quantity to make bones strong.

The same nutrients are necessary for french bulldogs suffering from Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).

Ear Health

Yeats and bacterial infections in the ear are common problems due to narrow ear canals. Some nutrients include

● Promote the immunity of Frenchies by adding Vitamin E

● Using hypoallergenic, minimally varied ingredients can help prevent ear infections triggered by food allergies.

● Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants are considered superfoods promoting cellular health.

● Omega fatty acids are beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and reducing inflammation.

Respiratory Problems

The flat face of Frenchie causes breathing difficulty, including brachycephalic syndrome, in addition to other problems like

● Digestive disturbances

● Exercise intolerance

● Heat intolerance

● Heatstroke


French Bulldogs are known to have food sensitivities that can lead to diarrhea and flatulence. It is recommended to avoid ingredients that may trigger a reaction, like corn, soy, beef liver, and dairy, and instead choose foods with probiotics and easily digestible carbohydrates.

In order to prevent dehydration from diarrhea, it's essential to keep your dog hydrated by providing access to fresh water at all times.

Von Willebrand's Disease

Regarding Von Willebrand's Disease, a blood clotting disorder, no particular medicine has been invented until now. But a cautious diet can offer great help like

● No bones or hard foods

● Less Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E as they cause blood thinning

● Add Vitamins C and K

● Add more Iron, Copper, Vitamin A, and B complex vitamins for new blood cells.

Which Food Should French Bulldog Puppy And Elders Not Eat?

In order to ensure the health of your French Bulldog, it is best to avoid certain ingredients in their food. Avoid meat and animal derivatives, as well as poultry by product meal, as they can contain parts unsuitable for human consumption. Additionally, it's essential to avoid foods that contain gluten-containing cereals, soy, and corn, which can cause allergies in some French Bulldogs.

When searching for food for your French Bulldog, prioritize products that don't contain artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives. Instead, choose products that use naturally sourced flavors, preservatives, and colors. Certain chemicals used in the preservation of dog food can have adverse effects on your Frenchie's health and may even be linked to cancer.

To keep your toy dog friend safe, avoid products that contain BHT, BHA, nitrates/nitrites, Ethoxyquin, and propylene glycol. Instead, opt for foods that use healthy, natural preservatives like tocopherols and some herbs.

List Of Foods Dangerous To French Bulldogs

● Chocolate

● Coffee & tea

● Chives

● Onions

● Leeks

● Garlic

● Cooked bones

● Xylitol in gum and mints (candy and peanut butter brands)

● Raisins & Grapes

● Large quantity of Avocado

● Pits from cherries, plums, and peaches

● Walnuts & Macadamia nuts

● Alcohol and hops

● Yeast dough

● Moldy or spoiled food

● Nutmeg


Can French Bulldogs Eat Popcorn?

Yes, French Bulldogs can eat popcorn in moderation if it is unsalted, unbuttered, and not popped in oil. This breed is prone to obesity, so keeping their calorie intake in check is essential.

Can I Give My Frenchie Home Cooked Meal?

Yes, you can give your Frenchie a home cooked meal, but fulfilling the requirements is challenging. Thus, vets recommend that French Bulldog owners should take brand food with meat proteins.

Can I Give My Frenchie Wet Food?

Yes, you can give your Frenchie wet food. Wet canned food can be more accessible for them, but it's essential to include hard, dry kibble in their diet to help maintain their dental health. Frenchies are prone to dental problems due to their crowded teeth, so a combination of wet and dry food can help keep their teeth clean.

Can I Give My Frenchie Beef Fat?

The beef fat is unsuitable for your Frenchie, whether cooked or uncooked, as it causes pancreatitis in canines. However, you can give a beef liver to your pet friend; it is an excellent source of meat protein.

Can I Give My Frenchie Menhaden Fish Meal?

Including a menhaden fish meal in your Frenchie's diet can be a healthy choice and a great source of meat protein. Menhaden fish are packed with EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids that can be beneficial for promoting heart health in dogs.

This type of fish is also a common ingredient in many high-quality dog food formulas due to its nutritional value. However, it's important to remember that proper serving sizes should be followed, and consulting with your veterinarian is recommended to ensure that your Frenchie's dietary needs are being met.

Can I Give My Frenchie A Turkey Meal?

Turkey meal is not toxic and is a part of many commercial Frenchie food because of its rich nutrients like protein, phosphorous, and riboflavin. It also becomes a good ingredient of homemade food if cooked according to vets' guidelines.

Can I Give My Frenchie Human Food?

Yes, you can feed them human food, but there are many limitations that we have listed in the heading "which food should French Bulldog puppies and elders not eat?"

Can I Give My Frenchie Sweet Potato?

Don't make your Frenchie eat raw sweet potato; instead, cook it and remove the skin before giving it to your pet friend. If you don't take precautions while giving sweet potatoes, it will cause the dog to digest them with difficulty.

Sweet potatoes are difficult for pups to chew, and that's why they are not recommended too much. Overeating anything can cause issues, especially plant proteins. Moreover, sweet potatoes also cause intestinal blockage, thus creating health problems for your pet.

Can I Give My Frenchie Deboned Chicken?

Yes, if the deboned chicken is cooked properly, you can give it to your Frenchie, as a source of protein. The chicken fat of deboned chicken adds aroma and flavor, and dogs love it by heart. Don't give your Frenchie the raw chicken; cooked, deboned chicken will fulfill their nutritional needs.

Can I Give My Frenchie Grain Free Food?

No, grain free dog food is not suitable for your Frenchie. But still, you will get some products in the market like the ones we listed above. 


We have reviewed the 5 best dog foods, which are nutritious and delicious; cherish your friend and make it healthy equally. They also carefully selected based on the French Bulldog life stages and their requirements.

Overall, animal protein, like a chicken meal, is best for French Bulldogs but doesn’t make your French Bulldog overeat ground brown rice, as it contains many calories.

Grain free dog food or dehydrated chicken is unsuitable for the French Bulldog and even worsens the situation. So, be careful while choosing dog food for your Frenchie.