The pioneer of dog talking movement, Christina Hunger, mentions, "Everyone has something to say." But, in previous centuries, we would have hardly associated this concept with pets. However, recent developments have led us to the invention of dog-talking buttons. YES! Now you can talk to your dogs.

If you are here, you must already be familiar with this concept. But with so many dog-talking buttons available in the market, how do we know which one's the best? If you are trying to find an answer to the same question, look no further! We have covered the top-ranked dog-talking buttons in this article.

Benefits of Owning Talking Dog Buttons

The dog talking buttons let your dogs communicate with you by pressing buttons that deliver pre-recorded phrases. There are multiple benefits to owning these talking buttons:

Better Communication

Dogs can communicate their needs effectively with the help of dog talking buttons. Some companies like mighty paw smart bell have dog bells that work like talking buttons and let dogs communicate their needs.

Elevated Mood and Energy

It boosts their energy when dogs can quickly communicate and express their feelings. The opposite is true when they are unable to put forward their concerns. They get stressed and might end up feeling neglected.


Dog talking buttons give your dogs the liberty to convey their messages. It makes them feel independent as they can easily communicate without the need to depend on their owners. So, they enjoy better freedom with the magic of owning talking buttons.

Strong Bond

The dog talking buttons help the fur babies feel more connected with their owners. When the dog's parents understand the pups and their feelings, it bridges their communication gap. Hence, creating a more solid, lasting, and affectionate bond.

Cognitive Incentive

Dog talking buttons work like cognitive incentives for your dogs. They keep the dogs engaged and let them have fun. At the same time, they get to learn productive vocabulary.

Spending money on dog-talking buttons can never be a misspending. But, when you are out there to buy one, ensure that the brand is reputable and the product has good reviews. Check the build quality of the product before purchase.

Some buttons have a lower vocab range than others. We recommend you go for the ones with an extensive vocabulary. Water resistance is also an important quality these talking buttons must possess. It gives them longevity and makes them suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Various companies manufacture dog buttons with interactive colors. They keep your dogs engaged and work as a stimulant for their mental activities. Try buying these fun colors for your dog. Last but not least - an affordable price should be your top-most priority when you buy the talking dog buttons.

5 Best Dog Talking Buttons

Whether you want to strengthen the bond with your pooch or try advanced canine tech, we’ve got your solutions. These carefully selected dog talking buttons are the best buttons currently available in the market.

FluentPet Dog Talking Button

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Why We Like It

The pet starter set allows you to customize the words you want your pets to learn for communication. They simplify dog training with easy activation and high-fidelity speakers providing excellent sound quality. The package has two recordable talking buttons and two compact soundboard mats.

The starter kit has easy-to-press communication buttons that work best for small dogs. Each hex tile can hold up to six dog-talking buttons. These tiles also prevent slipping and have higher durability. It is super easy to set up with re-recordable buttons. Your dog can conveniently learn to communicate meaningful words with consistent use.

The most befitting thing about the product is the easily accessible starter training guide. You can get a free downloadable training program in pdf format. It will help you access the free community of thousands of trainers. The trainers can help your dog learn faster and make you realize your pet's potential.

Hunger For Words Talking Pet Starter Set

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Why We Like It

The Hunger For Words talking pet starter set is developed by Christina Hunger, the speech therapist who initiated the dog talking movement. The dog communication buttons have exceptional sound quality with a step-by-step training guide. You can use your voice to record the words you want your dogs to learn.

Most dog owners find it simple and easy to use with four recordable talking buttons. They have two AAA batteries (sold separately) that increase the durability. The talking pet essential word sets aid your dog's learning ability with pre-recorded buttons. Their advanced technology also boosts recording consistency.

If you go for this starter set, the talking pet goal tracker will help you keep track of your dog's progress. The expandable talking pet button mats keep the communication buttons organized. They have the potential for years of working capacity. The detailed activity guide written by Christina Hunger is also available with this dog-talking button set.

VocalPups Dog Talking Buttons

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Why We Like It

The VocalPups dog talking buttons have a resilient design with video lessons for dog training. They contain a paw-friendly touch pad convenient for dogs of all sizes. The amplified speakers improve the clarity of sound. You can access a pre-recorded clear voice that saves you from the trouble of recording through cheap microphones.

Another plus point is you can build a strong bond with your pooch via an updated communication pattern. The pet-safe battery compartments keep your dog from swallowing the parts. Furthermore, the talking button features anti-slip rubber feet contributing to durability.

The colorful design makes the whole process of communication interactive and fun for your pup. VocalPups talking buttons are perfect for big dogs and the young. They are designed specifically for dogs. You won't have to worry about the set's pliability because it cannot break easily due to your dog's constant hopping.

DECDEAL Dog Talking Button

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Why We Like It

These dog training buttons let you record customized sounds with up to thirty seconds of record time. The LED light function is ideal for comfortably communicating with your pet. You can also order this dog-talking button without the LED function. The AAA batteries have to be purchased separately.

DECDEAL talking buttons are easy to program, giving you and your furry friend a chance to build a stronger bond. The product has a significant potential for dogs over ten pounds. All dog owners can operate these communication buttons with the easy instruction manual, also available on the website.

They have a sturdy build quality with an 80 dB volume. It has also been rigorously tested before launch. Your dog can easily engage due to the interactive hues. The best thing about these talking buttons is the value for money. Your investment cannot go to waste once you have bought them.

Nueplay Dog Talking Button

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Why We Like It

The Nueplay dog button set has premium recording and playback potential. It has three recordable talking buttons and twelve stickers. The customized stickers assist you in remembering what you recorded. When your dog presses the buttons, they light up. It makes the learning process easier.

The buttons are made of ABS material. That means they have a long-lasting quality that allows you and your dog to communicate clearly. One hexagonal base is also present. It retains the buttons to prevent slipping. They are also perfect for outdoor use to train dogs for day-to-day activities.

The guidelines are easy to follow with a re-recording feature. You can buy numerous sets and connect them to increase the range of vocabulary. The talking buttons have a vast user group. So, your money is secure if you choose to buy them. However, their central purpose is dog training for better communication.


The 'best' dog talking buttons is subjective to your needs. Some are durable, and others have surprisingly expansive vocabulary ranges. Ultimately, the product's success depends on your preference and your dog's individuality. It is also crucial to remember that dogs learn through positive reinforcement.