Have you ever seen your Corgi tired? Looking at your pup full of energy is incredible, but it's routine for Corgi parents.

They are highly active dogs and refuse to sit calmly except when they eat food. So, what are you going to give them three times a day? Chicken meal, raw food, beef meal, salmon meal, or lamb meal?

Obviously, something that matches their energy; thus, you can't feed them the same dog food as French Bulldogs (least active). Instead, they need food similar to larger breeds or similar to herding dogs.

The best dog food for Corgis is one which contains proteins, fats, omega fatty acids, and everything that makes them more energetic. Keep in mind that these energetic pups are highly active and demand food that would fulfill their energy demands and keep them active.

Based on this crucial need, we have listed the 5 best dog food for Corgis. So, keep reading to know which one should be in your Corgi's meal bowl.

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

Best For Sensitive Stomachs

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The salmon meal present in this dog food is the major source of protein and amino acids for your dog that help maintain strong muscles. Sweet potato is rich in fiber that promotes healthy digestion and makes this the best dog food for Corgis. It is the best grain free dry dog food.

They also add flaxseed to encourage health benefits such as improved kidneys, healthy skin, and a healthy coat.

It is one of the best grain free dry dog food, formulated with premium ingredients without soy, gluten, artificial flavor, and colors. Some ingredients are specifically used to make your canine friend happy and live a healthy life.

It is a complete, healthy, balanced dog food with all essential nutrients for your Corgi's immune health. The delicious recipe of this food is specifically designed for sensitive stomachs, irritable skin, and other allergies. It is equally suitable for all dogs who need energy for growth and development.

Natural Balance dog food having a reduced number of ingredients never compromises taste and nutrition so your dog will get a balanced meal that is perfect for the dog's diet along with a flavorful taste.

Why We Like It

1. This Natural Balance dog food is perfect for sensitive stomachs and allergies.

2. It is a natural source of high quality protein with simple and natural ingredients.

3. It is best for all dog breeds, including small, medium sized dogs, large breeds, and puppies.

4. Although it is a grain free dry dog food, it is available in wet form.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Best For Corgi Puppies

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Blue Buffalo is perfect as a dry dog food. Blue Buffalo dry dog food contains high quality protein from real chicken that helps maintain healthy muscles. It is one of the best dog food brands.

The Corgi puppy loves this Blue Buffalo dog food, which includes DHA and ARA (a fatty acid in mother milk). Its primary function is to support cognitive function and retinal health.

It is considered one of the best dog foods which contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support the immune system.

The life stage of a Corgi puppy needs a healthy oxidative balance. The Blue Buffalo dry dog food is made with all-natural ingredients with no chicken by product meal, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives. It provides the ultimate healthy oxidative balance.

It is a smaller bite of kibble, especially for a Corgi puppy with smaller jaws to keep their teeth clean, promoting tarter removal.

Some prominent ingredients of Blue Buffalo dry dog food include deboned chicken, fish meal, chicken fat, sweet potatoes, and brown rice. The sweet potato makes this product grain free.

Why We Like It

1. It is one of the best dog foods for Corgis, with essential fatty acids that supports the brain and eye development of Corgi puppies.

2. It is a source of protein, especially high quality, that is supportive of building strong muscles and nourishing Corgi puppies.

3. It is an ideal kibble-sized dog food that best suits Corgi owners to feed their pups.

4. This product is available in other forms with other ingredients like grain free dry dog food, wet food, and specific ones for life stages and breed sizes.

Halo Adult Wet Dog Food

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One of the best dog foods is Halo Holistic adult canned dog food. It provides your dog the most delicious and healthy whole meat. They never use "meat meals," like "chicken meal" or "fish meal"; instead offer complete whole meat.

This healthy wet food is highly digestible without artificial flavors, ingredients, and preservatives which support a healthy digestive system. This dog food is specially designed for adult dogs and helps them keep their energy level.

Corgis are nourished as they get omega fatty acids for healthy skin and a healthy coat. The whole meat helps adult dogs maintain their strength and energy level. Thus, this dog food makes your dog active and vibrant all day instead of dull and weak.

The taste of this dog food is fantastic because it is a mixed blend of turkey and salmon stew. Your dog will love every bite because it has a smooth texture with tender bites of colorful vegetables.

All Corgi owners discover that their dogs love the food's aroma and taste. Prominent ingredients include chicken broth, chicken liver, sweet potato, turkey broth, and much more. Overall, it is one of the best for an adult Corgi.

Why We Like It

1. It contains whole meat instead of any rendered meat meal.

2. Halo is against factory farming. The ingredients used in this dog food are free from growth hormones, artificial flavors, color, preservatives, and antibiotics.

3. All fruits and vegetables used in this food are sourced from farmland that strictly prohibit genetically modified seeds. These fruits and vegetables are suitable for a dog's diet and health.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Best For Corgi Puppies

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This dry dog food is supportive of the developmental need of puppies. It comes in small kibbles with delicious chicken flavor. It is one of the best small breed puppy dog foods that provides DHA for healthy brain and eye development.

Your growing little dog needs high quality protein for building muscles, and the Hill's Science Diet dry dog food is rich in it. Your dog needs balanced nutrition at this stage of life, including minerals, to promote healthy bones and strong teeth.

This dog food is made with all-natural ingredients. Young small breed dogs and puppies have unique nutrition needs, and this puppy food is perfectly formulated according to your little dog's needs when they are in the growing stage.

It is a great-tasting puppy meal that your tiny canine friend will genuinely enjoy. Natural ingredients include vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Some other prominent ingredients are corn gluten meal, pork fat, chicken liver flavor, chicken meal, barley, and pork meal. It is free from artificial flavor, color, and preservatives.

Why We Like It

1. The small kibbles with chicken flavor not only give a good taste but also have natural healthy ingredients to provide healthy weight.

2. It is one of the best dog foods for puppies and small breed dogs that perfectly fulfills nutritional demands at the growing stage of your dog.

3. Hill's Science Diet dry dog food is also available for dogs with sensitive stomachs and food allergies.

Wellness Natural Pet Food

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Wellness Natural adult dry dog food contains lamb and high quality protein from grains like oatmeal. The manufacturers don’t add any fillers, meat by-products, or artificial preservatives.

Only select ingredients are used in this dog food. Major nutrients help to support your dog's immune system, energy level, joint health, bone health, healthy skin, and a healthy coat.

Wellness Natural offer recipes for puppy, adult dog food, and senior dogs, as well as grain free dog food and meal toppers.

Biotic, prebiotic, and healthy fibers support healthy digestion. Crunchy food kibbles keep your dog's teeth clean and have an adequate level of calcium and phosphorus in this dog food to support healthy teeth and gums.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are added which offer support for healthy skin and coat. Fats and carbohydrates added to this dog food provide the energy that your pet needs. Major ingredients present in Wellness Natural pet food are lamb meal, fish meal, sweet potatoes, barley, and oatmeal.

Why We Like It

1. It is the perfect food for joint health, healthy skin, and a shiny coat. It contains overall bone health, which is a basic need for your pooch.

2. It also contains all the ingredients which are good for a healthy immune system and healthy digestion.

3. Wellness Natural dog food is available for all dog breeds which act as complete food with all essential ingredients.

Buying Guide

Corgis have a lively and energetic temperament, meaning they require a higher protein intake and calories like real chicken, turkey meal, fish oil, brown rice, etc. compared to other small breeds.

Nevertheless, owing to their distinctive body shape, it's crucial to take extra precautions to keep their muscle mass lean to prevent possible health problems like obesity in the future.


Due to their unique body structure with shorter legs and longer bodies, Corgis require a diet that is rich in protein, like a chicken meal or lamb meal, to maintain their joint health, lean muscle mass, and high energy levels.

While small breeds typically require a protein content of about 21% in their dog food, Corgis can benefit from a higher protein content of at least 25%.

Although some Corgis may be allergic to real chicken, this ingredient is an excellent source of both protein and fat, which keep them feeling full and healthy. Other highly recommended protein options include beef, lamb meal, and pea protein.


While Corgis generally have a robust constitution and can tolerate a certain amount of fat in their diet, monitoring their activity level and weight is essential. Switching to dog food with lower fat content can be beneficial if your Corgi is not an active pup or is putting on weight.

Opting for foods that contain 10% to 15% fat is recommended. It is crucial to choose natural sources of fat such as fish oil, chicken fat, and flaxseed to ensure that your Corgi gets the appropriate nutritional need to maintain its health.


Incorporating moderate carbohydrates into a pup's diet, including Corgis, is essential to maintain their health. It is advisable not to exceed 20% of carbohydrates in their diet as research suggests that lower carbohydrate diets lead to better performance and longer life.

The nutritional requirements of a dog differs from humans. They need more complex carbohydrates to meet their energy demands and maintain a healthy weight.

While humans can process simple carbohydrates like white bread and milk, dogs need carb sources like sweet potato, oatmeal, and lentils that contain essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

These complex carbohydrates help regulate a dog's blood sugar level and promote satiety, which prevents overeating and weight gain. Therefore, it is vital to choose a dog food that includes complex carb sources to meet your Corgi's nutritional needs.

Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Naturally, dogs are carnivores, and their domestication has brought about a diverse range of diets. Nonetheless, their innate preference for meat remains, so they love a chicken meal, turkey meal, or deboned chicken.

Consequently, every morsel that they consume must have a purpose. Though grains are a reliable source of fiber, they may be of little nutritional value and only contribute as mere fillers in a dog's diet. So, it's better to either entirely exclude or reduce grains from their diet to maximize their nutrition.

Premium dog foods with whole grain brown rice, or those with labels as the best grain free dry dog food blend, are a better option. Better quality and recommended quantity play a positive role in promoting the immune system.

How To Choose The Food For Your Corgi

In addition to nutrients, some other factors are essential to understand before selecting whether a chicken meal is healthier, or a beef recipe, etc. Let's see the other contributing factors:

Nutritional Requirements

Finding good dog food for Corgis demands that you know the nutritional requirement of your Corgi, to keep it at a healthy weight. Like all other dogs, Corgis need protein for healthy muscles. Animal proteins from fish, poultry, and meat provide the essential amino acids and also a concentrated source of energy for Corgis. For nutrients and fiber requirements, the plant protein from legumes, whole grains, and beans must be included in the best dog foods for Corgis. So, never feel hesitant while reading the labels of products of different dog food brands.

Diet requirements according to Corgi life-cycle stages are:

● Puppies: Puppies need sufficient energy for proper growth and to strengthen their muscles. Thus, your Corgi puppy needs 8% healthy fats and 22% protein. However, this breed needs high protein but don't feed them too much.

● Adults: Corgis are active, but you have to lower the protein and fat percentage in their meals because they develop and need protein for lean muscles, but the higher percentage of fatty foods can cause obesity. So, cut the protein to 18% and fats to 5%.

● Seniors: Although they are highly active, Corgis in later stages need food that supports their joints and muscles. As the metabolism gets slower in senior dogs, they require lower calories and less fatty foods.

Activity Level

Although Corgis don't commonly love to nap instead of play, they are highly active dogs. If your Corgi differs from others, don't feed them too much, as it may cause obesity.

Corgis should be fed based on their activity level. The more energetic they are, the more calories they will burn, and thus the more food they will demand and need.

Required Calories

When it comes to calories, you have to be extra careful. Once a Corgi reaches adulthood, their dietary requirements change, and they typically need around 35 calories per pound of their body weight. 

For instance, a Corgi weighing around 25 pounds will require approximately 875 calories daily to maintain weight. Suppose your Corgi falls outside the recommended weight range of 22 to 25 pounds or exceeds the maximum weight of 31 pounds. In that case, it's best to consult with a veterinarian to determine their specific nutritional needs.

Corgis Health Issues And Dog Food Requirements.

Corgis may develop some diseases; a few are mentioned below with the required nutrient so you can choose the best dog food for them:

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is an eye disease that affects photoreceptor cells of the eyes; thus, they will start deteriorating with time and ends in blindness. This group of degenerative diseases may attack your Corgi because they are more susceptible to this eye disease. Dog food with a higher percentage of vitamins A and E will help your Corgi because it promotes blood flow and reduces eye inflammation.


Like humans, dogs are also prone to obesity. Corgis weighing 20 to 25 pounds is the average weight, and if they exceed that limit, it means your Corgi is gaining weight which is not a good sign because it is the most crucial problem related to a Corgi's health. 

As a pet owner, you must focus on your dog's health and weight. Keep the fats lower and choose dog food according to your pooch's health and nutritional needs.

Hip Dysplasia

Keep track your Corgi's weight because obesity worsens the symptoms of hip dysplasia, another common health issue of Corgis. The main reason is their large body and tiny legs, but less exercise and movement can also cause this issue. Don't let your Corgi become obese; otherwise, loss of joint function can soon affect your pooch.

How Did We Pick The Best Dog Food For Corgis?

Our team of experts at Pooch Reviews has considered a list of things while compiling a list of the best food for Corgis. Everything has been considered, from ingredient analysis, and product reviews based on the different life stages.

As some dog parents demand grain free dog food, we also put the best ones on our list. Corgis with sensitive skin and stomachs, food allergies, kidney issues, and other health issues will also get the perfect diet here. In addition to protein and fats, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and many more, are also part of choosing the best dog food.

We have read expert reviews and recommendations, Corgis owners' experiences, brand and product reviews, ingredients, healthy benefits, price, and much more, before devising this list. We aim to provide you with the right dog food for your Corgi so you can choose wisely and without stress.


Is Chicken Meal Good For Corgis?

Yes, chicken meal is good for Corgis because it has protein which keeps your high energy dog fully charged and helps build strong muscles.

Why Are Omega Fatty Acids Suitable For Corgis?

Omega fatty acids are best to give Corgis because of their positive effect on the Corgis' brain, vision, healthy skin, and a shiny coat.

Is Chicken Fat Good For Corgis?

Yes, chicken fat is better than any other animal fat because it's easier for Corgis to digest and helps recharge their energy.

Which Food Is Best For Corgis?

Raw dog food is the ultimate need for Corgis to get healthy skin, shiny coats, better dental health, and boost energy. Although many people don't recommend raw dog food, it is still a good choice. 

Whole grain brown rice is easily digestible and helps dogs remain healthy and active. Any food with fatty acids should be in your Corgi's meal.


We have listed the 5 best dog food for Corgis. All are carefully selected and have experts, dog nutritionists, and veterinarian approval. So, choose high-quality dog food and keep your Corgi energetic and healthy.