Someone rightly called peanut butter the glue holding our lives together. The saying remains true for our furry friends as well. Peanut butter is a delightful and nutritious treat for your dogs. Homemade peanut butter is a good option, but it can be tiring for dog owners with busy routines.

Store-bought peanut butters can be life savers. But remember, not all peanut butter brands are equal in quality. Therefore, you should do your homework and choose the best overall peanut butter for your pup. This article covers the top peanut butter brands available in the market that provide taste and value.

Buy Dog Peanut Butter Carefully!

It is crucial to browse through the ingredients before buying peanut butters for your fluffy friends. Niacin, proteins, and vitamins B or E are a few healthy ingredients you can sort through.

Hydrogenated vegetable oils are unhealthy for your dogs. But, the presence of hydrogenated vegetable oil in dog peanut butter is not as lethal as xylitol (artificial sweetener). So, make sure the peanut butter you purchase is xylitol free. To be on the safe side, it should also be gluten-free.

So, we recommend that you prefer natural, unsweetened peanut butter specifically processed for dogs or one that meets specific criteria. It will save you and your best friend from future inconveniences.

Best Peanut Butter Brands For Dogs

If you are tired of reading endless reviews or worrying about ending up with a peanut butter product that your dogs will not relish, stop looking further. We have shortlisted the best peanut butter brands for your canines.

KONG Peanut Butter

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Why We Like It

This one is a safe peanut butter product for a dog's diet as it contains natural ingredients in bulk, such as milk, soybean, water, carrageenan, etc. It serves as a healthy treat when training your dog. You can stuff it in your dog toys or use it alone for training procedures. The easy-to-dispense technology makes it even more suitable than other peanut butter brands.

The allergenic dogs can also feed on this delicious snack through lick mats or stuffed toys. So, the Kong peanut butter is an overall dog-safe peanut butter. It requires no refrigeration hassle even after you open the can. Also, Kong real peanut butter is the best for all dog types regardless of breed.

The peanut butter paste contains healthy fats making it easily digestible. So, it also wards off any potential health danger to your dogs. It has zero percentage of peanut oil, and its natural ingredients nurture your puppy's healthy coat. Made in the USA, Kong Peanut Butter is the healthiest peanut butter treat your dogs can ever taste!

Bark Bistro Peanut Butter

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Why We Like It

It is a hundred percent all-natural peanut butter product without high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or any other sugar substitute, such as xylitol. The xylitol-free peanut butter brands are non-toxic for dogs because they prevent lower blood sugars, liver failure, and other diseases. Also, you can refrigerate the product before use if your dogs enjoy thick consistency.

Honey and peanuts are the only ingredients making it a standard replacement for homemade peanut butter. It is also free of salts or stabilizers. Hence, the Bark Bistro peanut butters are the healthiest dog treats your furry friends can enjoy with spoons, baked/frozen treats, lick mats, or pill pockets.

One of the most appealing factors of this creamy peanut butter product is that it is fit for human consumption. Amazing, right? That suggests it is the closest alternative to organic peanut butter for dogs and humans. The high-quality Buddy Budder peanut butters are made in the USA with affordable prices and longer shelf-life.

Hyper Pet IQ Dog Peanut Butter

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Why We Like It

The best thing about this peanut butter is its diverse variety pack. It includes three jars:

· Peanuts and honey flavor

· Roasted peanuts, chia seeds, banana, and honey flavor

· Peanuts, pumpkins, cinnamon, and honey flavor

It is xylitol free with no artificial flavors. It is the healthiest peanut butter because it does not contain hydrogenated vegetable oils or other unhealthy ingredients. In contrast, it constitutes healthy fats, vitamins (B & E), and Niacin. The best thing about this product is its smooth texture.

You can spread it on your dog's slow feeder lick mat or fill the pill pockets. The all-natural peanut butter is also easy to clean with a quick rinse. It has no high fructose corn syrup or stabilizers. So, when your furry friends consume it frequently, do not worry. It is a dog-safe peanut butter, and you can have it too!

Dilly's Poochie Butter Dog Peanut Butter

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Why We Like It

Poochie peanut butter is a natural peanut butter with no added sugar, salt, or preservatives. It has six natural ingredients: dry roasted peanuts, coconut oil, ginger, parsley, turmeric, and cinnamon. This full of nutrition dog peanut butter is a vital source of healthy fats, vitamins, and proteins.

Poochie butter helps your pups with separation anxiety. It is also great for crate training. Also, you can make the best crunchy peanut butter-flavored cookies for dog treats. It is excellent for dogs' breathing, coat, bones, and brain. The consistency remains unchanged because poochie butter is long-lasting.

This healthy peanut butter is manufactured in the USA with beneficial supplements. Most peanut butter products are high in trans-fats which are toxic for your dogs. On the other hand, poochie peanut butter is not only safe but a delicious treat for your furry friend. And there is nothing more satisfying than watching your dog enjoy a healthy snack.

Green Coast Pet Pawnut Butter

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Why We Like It

Green Coast Pawnut Butter contains only peanuts and flaxseeds. The composition with only two natural ingredients and no added sugar substitute like xylitol make it a safe peanut butter choice for your pups. It does not have hydrogenated vegetable oils. Instead, it is a source of ALA omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your dog's health.

It is manufactured in a Safe Quality Food level III facility in the US. Mostly, peanut butter brands do not have this certification indicating low-quality manufacturing. Green Coast uses organic peanuts, perfect for filling toys or other dog treats. The small-sized jar is ideal for storage with a standard peanut butter quantity.

Another best thing about Green Coast dog peanut butter is it's gluten-free. Gluten is generally harmless for doggies, but some can suffer from celiac diseases due to gluten intake. It also contains fiber to support smooth digestion. So, what else do your fur babies need when they can lick away the happiness from a lick mat?


Peanut butter impacts your dog's health and physical fitness. The most vital query is, how much peanut butter should your fur babies consume? Make sure to introduce peanut butter into your dog's diet in a balanced manner. Otherwise, it can upset their stomach. Also, carefully sift through the ingredients before purchase and let your dogs enjoy!