Tired of trying to train your stubborn pooch?

Training a stubborn dog can be incredibly difficult, but luckily there are now tools available that can help with the process. We've done the research for you and reviewed some of the best training collars on the market today. Each one offers its unique features that can make training your pet easier than ever before, allowing you to focus all of your attention on positive reinforcement!

With these top-rated collars in hand, unwanted behaviors will no longer be an issue. You'll have control over their movements while they learn faster than ever - leaving them happier, healthier, and most importantly better trained (not to mention staying out of trouble!)

Check out our comprehensive review article right now and discover which collar is best for your pup!

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer Dog Collar

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Why We Like It

This innovative and lightweight collar has all the features you need for a successful outdoor excursion with your pup.

The FieldTrainer 425XS comes in a bright and cheerful red, so it’s easy to spot in any terrain. And thanks to its adjustable buckle closure, you can easily make sure that your dog is nice and snug while out on that outdoor trek. The collar measures 9 x 5 x 7 inches, perfectly sized for medium to large-sized dogs.

Designed with safety in mind, this collar also boasts State-of-the-Art technology such as 0-100 static stimulation levels and DryTek waterproof technology, so you can stay worry-free when out on an exploration mission. Plus, with its price tag at a mere fraction of the price of other leading pet trainer products.

What You Should Know

It's compatible with the SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425XS and 425S, along with a handy add-a-dog collar which is waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet, equipped with DryTek Technology for extra protection.

This collar stands strong against the elements. Plus, it's rechargeable with a lithium-ion battery that charges fast (2 hours) and also features a low battery indicator so you know when it's time to charge. Fitting dogs 8 pounds and larger with dog's neck sizes ranging from 5 to 22 inches.

PATPET Dog Training Collar

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Why We Like It

This dog collar is the perfect solution for dog owners everywhere. This stylish collar comes in classic black and features a button closure for easy wear. It’s lightweight and adjustable to fit your dog’s needs. You won't have to worry about any sort of discomfort from the collar!

The PATPET Dog Training Collar includes all the features you need for the successful training of your canine companion. Thanks to its sensitive shock mode, you can tailor the collar to respond appropriate to your pet’s behavior. With various vibration levels and sounds, you also have plenty of options when it comes to positive methods of reinforcement. And with its wide range of remote options, it ensures that both you and your dog remain connected during walks or outdoor activities.

What You Should Know

The collar is designed to offer a customizable experience to suit your individual needs and the needs of your dog. With 3 training modes - Beep, Vibration, and 1 to 16 levels of Static – you can find the setting that works best for your furry friend while using the blind operation remote.

The receiver is IPX7 waterproof, so rainy days or lake weekends are no problem. On top of being completely waterproof, this collar has an exceptionally long battery life; its rechargeable battery means uninterrupted training sessions with your pooch! Plus, the adjustable belt makes the perfect fit for practically any size dog.

With a waterproof design and adjustable belt, combined with three separate training modes, this product gives great value for money.

PetSafe Remote Training Collar

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Why We Like It

The PetSafe Remote Training Collar is perfect for those who are looking to train their stubborn dog off-leash. With tones and vibes, plus 15 levels of static stimulation, this collar helps you keep your pup in check while also providing a safe and humane way to train them. Best of all, the remote and collar are both waterproof and lightweight, making it easy to bring with you on the go.

The PetSafe Remote Training Collar is perfect for both medium and large dogs weighing 8 pounds or more, making it a great option for all pet owners. Training your dog has never been easier or more effective!

What You Should Know

It works with a digital remote that you can use from up to 300 yards away, so even if your dog runs off, you can still keep them in check.

The collar has 3 types of correction: audible tone, vibration, and 15 levels of static stimulation. It’s made of lightweight and waterproof material, so your dog won’t be weighed down or restricted from going out in the rain. Plus the remote and collar charge within two hours and have a battery life of up to 40 hours. The PetSafe Remote Training Collar is perfect for taking control of off-leash situations and can expand for use with two dogs by buying an extra collar.

Educator ET-400-3/4 Mile Dog Trainer

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Why We Like It

The Educator ET-400-3/4 Mile Rechargeable Dog Trainer Ecollar is one of the best collars for stubborn dogs. The 3/4 mile range makes it perfect for walking in parks, hunting, and field training. The collar also comes with 100 adjustable levels of correction, vibration, and tone for Pavlovian conditioning.

The built-in LED light offers nighttime visibility, while the 33" long by 3/4" wide bungee strap provides added elasticity and comfort. The remote transmitter and electronic dog collar are both waterproof, making it perfect for all kinds of weather. The Educator ET-400 is so rugged that they even stand behind it with a full 2-year warranty. USA-based customer support is always available if you have any questions or concerns.

What You Should Know

The remote also floats in the water, making it perfect for use when swimming and playing with your dog. This collar fits dogs 10+ lbs with necks 9" - 25", making it perfect for medium and large breeds.

The unique safety lock-and-set feature safeguards against accidental stimulation level changes. The collar and remote are both waterproof and assembled in the USA, coming with a 2-year warranty.

SportDOG Brand YardTrainer

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Why We Like It

The SportDOG Brand YardTrainer Family Remote Trainer is a great choice for stubborn dogs that need extra help in training. The higher range of static stimulation offered by this product along with its waterproof capabilities make it a great choice for dog owners. The included rechargeable batteries offer convenience and longevity, allowing you to get plenty of use out of the collar without having to worry about replacing them often.

The adjustable size makes it perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The range is also impressive, offering up to 100 yards of distance. Also, the low battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge so you don’t have any surprises. The SportDOG brand also offers great customer service and a one-year warranty on the product.

What You Should Know

This training collar is one of the best training collars for stubborn dogs that don’t respond to lower levels of static stimulation. The collar features 8 levels of static simulation, vibration and tone to effectively train your pup with a range of up to 100 yards. The waterproof design is submersible up to 25 feet and uses DryTek technology for maximum protection against weather conditions.

The rechargeable lithium ion batteries feature a 2-hour quick charge and low battery indicator. The YT-100S is designed to fit dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes from 5 to 22 inches. The lightweight design ensures a comfortable fit for your dog and the ergonomic hand-held transmitter allows for easy operation. The YT-100S is the perfect collar for stubborn dogs that need extra help in learning obedience.


Why Isn't My Dog Responding To The Shock Collar?

Dog shock collars are an effective training tool, but they should be used with care and patience. The dog shock collar may not be working if it is not properly fitted and adjusted to the correct settings. The shock level should be set to a low level that is just enough to get your dog's attention, but not enough to cause any pain or discomfort. You should also make sure that you are using positive reinforcement techniques in conjunction with the collar for maximum effect.

How Do I Know Which Training Collar Is Best For My Dog?

The type of training collar that is best for your dog will depend on the specific needs, temperament, and age of your dog. The best way to determine which collar is right for you and your pet is to research all the available options.

Can I Use A Shock Collar For Aggressive Dogs?

No, it is not advisable to use a shock collar on an aggressive dog. The shock may only serve to increase their aggression and could even worsen the behavior. The best way to tackle aggression in dogs is through positive reinforcement. Use treats, toys, and praise to reward them for good behavior and redirect their focus away from aggressive behaviors.

What Can I Use Instead Of An E-Collar?

If you're looking for an alternative to an e-collar, there are several types of collars available. The most popular options include a prong collar, head halter, or harness. Each type is designed with specific purposes in mind and should be chosen based on the needs of your pup. Always ensure that you use the collar correctly and supervise your pup while they're wearing it.

Can A Shock Collar Paralyze A Dog?

No, a best dog shock collar will not paralyze your dog. The shock is designed to get the dog's attention and should not be set on a level that causes pain or discomfort. The shock is administered in very small amounts of electricity and does not have any lasting effects on the health of your pup.

Do Shock Collars Make Dogs Sad?

Shock collars should not make your dog sad if used correctly. The shock is designed to be an unpleasant sensation that gets their attention, but it should be set on a low level and never used as a punishment. The shock will only cause sadness if it's set too high or used in conjunction with negative reinforcement techniques.

Should I Leave My Dog Alone With A Shock Collar On?

No, you should never leave your pup alone with a shock collar on. The collar can cause injury if used improperly or if the settings are too high for your dog. It's also important to note that training collars should only be used in conjunction with positive reinforcement techniques, and not as a punishment. The collar should never be left on for long periods and you should always supervise your dog while they're wearing it.

What Happens If The Shock Collar Is Left On Too Long?

If a shock collar is left on for too long, it can cause skin irritation, pain, and even burns. The shock should never be set too high or left on for extended periods. The collar should also be removed after every training session to ensure no damage is caused. It's important to note that the shock should never be used as a punishment and should only be used in conjunction with positive reinforcement techniques.


Outfitting a stubborn dog with one of the best training collars can mean the difference between success and failure. Whether you choose a temporary shock collar for basic corrections or an advanced model for more complex behaviors - such as stopping barking, coming when called, walking on a leash, or not jumping up on people - there are plenty of options to choose from based on whether your pooch needs positive reinforcement, audible feedback, short ranges or long-range communication.

Keeping safety in mind every step of the way is essential to ensure that both you and your dog get the most enjoyment out of this journey together. So take some time to research which product suits your dog's behavior pattern best before committing to any one particular item. With proper use and consistent routine training over time, you should have maximum success in communicating with your pooch!