Being friendly and affectionate, Yorkies are the cutest companions and are equally loved by everyone, from children to seniors. But feeding them is critical because they are so picky when it comes to food.

Instead of simple dog foods, you have to be extra careful while selecting food for Yorkies. They may have genetic or health problems like hypoglycemia, floating kneecap, or tracheal collapse.

To keep you stress-free, we have mentioned the 5 best dog foods for Yorkshire Terriers. Everything is included in the recommended foods, from chicken meal to brown rice, deboned chicken to Brewer's rice.

Thus, you will be on the safe side while selecting the food according to your Yorkie's life stages, nutritional requirements, and diseases.

The nutritional requirements, energy level, activity, and body, change as Yorkies age; thus, choose the right product accordingly.

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food

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If you are searching for the best dog food for Yorkies, Hill's Science dry dog food should be your first choice. This special dog food is primarily for growing dogs to support hip and joint health. And EPA from fish oil promotes mobility in small breed dogs.

If your dog consumes this dog food, they will have strong bones because of a balanced set of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

This small kibble dog food is a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin, the building block of healthy cartilage.

Natural fibers and high quality protein will satisfy your Yorkie's hunger and become the most beneficial food fulfilling all their nutritional needs producing coat health and shine. Other natural ingredients, including omega fatty acids and vitamin E, nourish and promotes healthy skin.

The main ingredients include chicken liver, brown rice, chicken meal, fish oil, Brewer's rice, and high quality animal protein.

It is free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and chicken by-product meals. Hill's dry food is clinically proven to provide antioxidant benefits.

Canidae PURE Limited Ingredient 

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If you are confused about choosing dog food, another best dog food for Yorkies is Canidae Pure Premium.

It is the perfect taste your dog loves to eat, crafted with lamb meal paired with wholesome ingredients, including lamb liver and peas.

This dog food is a complete and healthy diet for Yorkshire Terriers. Natural ingredients without preservatives make this dog food perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

A nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals supports healthy skin, joint health, coat health, and shine. Antioxidants and probiotics support healthy immune and digestive systems. It is a high-quality grain free dog food for pups with sensitive stomachs.

This dog food is rich in omega fatty acids and essential amino acids with no corn, soy, wheat, or other fillers. Your canine will love this food as it nourishes your dog with every bite and fulfills all their nutritional needs.

The primary ingredients are lamb, lamb broth, lamb liver, peas, vegetable broth, salmon oil, and sunflower oil.

Why We Like It

● It is a high quality dog food because it is a good source of omega fatty acids.

● It is rich in animal protein which is best for nourishing and growing dogs.

● This is a natural and healthy favorite dog food without fillers, by-products, or artificial additives.

● It has a high moisture content, helps your dog keep hydrated, and increases water intake which puts less stress on their major organs.

● Yorkies struggling with severe health issues like seizures and Pruritic Dermatitis, also love this wet food.

Wellness Complete Health

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Wellness Toy Breed dog food must be your choice when you search for nutritionally dense, crunchy small kibbles for your canine. It contains chicken, brown rice, and peas that are healthy for the whole body.

Because of its all-natural ingredients and ideal balance of the finest ingredients, this dog food is recommended by many nutritionists, veterinarians, and dog owners.

It supports a healthy and strong immune system because of antioxidants and provides a healthy body weight.

Probiotics for digestive health, vitamins for teeth and eyes, omega fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin, and taurine for a healthy heart. Moreover, it is a complete diet for a Yorkshire Terrier.

Toy Breed adult dry dog food is free from corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, preservatives, and poultry by-products. The main ingredients are deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, ground brown rice, and ground rice.

Why We Like It

● Healthy fibers, prebiotics, and probiotics support a healthy digestive system.

● Calcium and Vitamin A help maintain healthy eyes, teeth, and gums.

● Vitamins A and E along with high quality protein, improve overall health and immunity.

Diamond Naturals Small Breed Dry Food

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Diamond Naturals dry dog food is the best overall dog food. This small kibble food is easy to chew for small dogs, keeping their teeth clean, and reducing plaque. It contains 27% protein and 16% fat, providing Yorkies with all essential nutrients for a healthy and active lifestyle.

It contains a naturally occurring microorganism source that helps maintain a healthy lifestyle for your dog. Your canine gets the best quality dog food with superior taste and a high level of nutrition.

The size of the kibble is perfect for all ages of dogs. It is easy to pick and chew while reducing plaque. It includes antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and protein.

The protein from chicken and quinoa provides energy to muscles and bones, helping your Yorkie stay active and fit. Probiotics help to maintain a healthy immune system and the beneficial bacteria make the digestion process easy for Yorkshire Terriers.

This dog food contains DHA for proper brain and vision development which essential for Yorkies.

Natural Balance L.I.D.

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If you are feeding your dog a naturally balanced diet, then it means you feed love and care to your dog. Most small breed dogs love to eat small kibbles of food specially designed for smaller jaws while meeting their nutritional needs.

A single bite is filled with flavor that not only satisfies your dog's taste buds but also provides balanced nutritional value to your Yorkie. This premium dry dog food keeps your dog's teeth clean and promotes healthy gums.

It contains salmon and sweet potato with no added peas, lentils, corn, wheat, legumes, and pea protein.

Veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and dog analysts recommend it as one of the best dog foods for a Yorkshire Terrier.

This dog food delivers quality, taste, and nutrition, so that your dog feels good to eat and enjoy life. The main ingredients include Brewer's yeast, flaxseed, natural flavor, potato protein, and Menhaden fish meal.

Why We Like It

● It is specially designed for smaller jaws and with a crunchy flavor that makes it the best Yorkie dog food.

● Good source of omega fatty acids.

● No artificial additives, by-products, and fillers, making it the best all-natural food for small breeds.

● Rich in fiber because of flaxseed, which helps dogs maintain a healthy balance in the gut, regulates bowels, keeps the colon healthy, and improves digestion.

Buying Guide For Yorkies

There are several things to remember while selecting food for your Yorkie puppies. They are picky eaters, and thus you will be a little surprised or annoyed because of their selection of food. Some things to keep in mind before choosing the best dog food for Yorkies:


Like all other dog breeds, the nutritional demands of Yorkshire Terriers change with their age or life stages. Let's discuss this in detail.

Yorkie Puppies: Yorkie puppies also need higher protein for growth and development. You can also feed them Yorkie puppy food with digestible carbohydrates, thus preventing hypoglycemia.

Yorkie Adults: Even in adulthood, Yorkies demands high protein and fat content in their dog food because of their higher metabolism. Because they are highly active, they need carbohydrates to fill their tiny bodies with high energy.

Yorkie Senior: Seniors don't demand high protein because they are not as active as in adulthood. Still, you have to feed them balanced nutrition to support their immune systems.


Dogs, just like humans, require a balanced diet to maintain their overall health and well-being. However, a dog's nutritional requirements can vary based on its breed, size, and metabolism.

For instance, an average dog needs to consume around 30 calories per pound of body weight every day. So, a medium-sized dog weighing 30 pounds will require approximately 800 calories daily.

Small breeds of pups have a faster metabolism than larger ones, necessitating them to consume higher calories in smaller portions to meet their energy demands.

For example, toy breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Yorkies need to consume approximately ten additional calories per pound of body weight compared to larger breeds to maintain their body weight.

Yorkies are a specific toy breed that require access to food throughout the day to prevent dips in their blood sugar levels.

To avoid becoming hypoglycemic, a condition that can cause lethargy, seizures, and even coma if left untreated, Yorkies need to be fed smaller and more frequent meals.

They need to maintain their energy levels throughout the day and remain active and healthy. Therefore, paying attention to your dog's nutritional requirements and providing them with a balanced diet that meets their specific needs is essential.

An average adult Yorkies weight lies between 4 to 7 pounds; thus, they need 160-280 calories every day.

Smaller Size Kibble

Yorkies are toy dog breeds and thus have tiny mouths which can't chew big or even standard-sized chunks of food. That's why they need small-size kibble.

If you give your Yorkie large pieces while eating food, they can easily choke because it is not comfortable for them to chew or swallow such pieces. If, by chance, they can swallow the food; the following process becomes more complicated.

Yorkies can't digest it, and this causes digestive disturbance. Moreover, nutrient deficiency also occurs despite your efforts to give your pup an appropriate, balanced diet or the best dog food.

LID Formulation

LID means Limited Ingredient Diet. You have seen this term on many dog food packages, which means the manufacturer uses a simple recipe for making the best dog food with all required nutrients.

The specific thing about this food is that its formula contains one animal protein source, which limits the possibility of the development of new simple allergies or food allergies.

This dog food also doesn't contain any kind of filler, artificial flavors, or ingredients. So, all pups with food intolerances and digestive issues can eat dog foods with LID.

If your Yorkie has food allergies or sensitive a stomach, then buy a dog food with a Limited Ingredient Diet.

Nutritional Demands


Every pup needs sufficient protein from an animal source, from Yorkie puppies to adults. The more energetic your pooch is, the more protein it demands to match its energy requirements. Thus, a Yorkie needs at least 21% crude protein in dry food or wet food.

High Fats:

The fat content in dog food isn't always synonymous with weight gain for your furry companion. Certain types of healthy fats are vital energy sources and contribute significantly to maintaining a healthy coat.

If you're a Yorkie owner, there's no need to be overly concerned about your pet gaining weight. Incorporating a diet that's rich in healthy fats can have a positive impact on their overall health and well-being.

When selecting and buying dog food, it's a good idea to look for brands that have a fat content of at least 10%. In addition, fish meal and oil containing omega fatty acids are particularly beneficial for promoting a lustrous and healthy coat.


Toy breeds like Yorkies require digestible carbohydrates in their diet to maintain their blood sugar levels, as they cannot store them as glycogen.

Whole grains are a good source of this nutrient, while grain-free options use nutritious ingredients like sweet potatoes to provide digestible carbohydrates.


Fiber aids digestion and nutrient absorption. Beet pulp is a healthy fiber source that acts as a prebiotic. Although dogs don't primarily use fiber for energy, it nourishes beneficial gut bacteria for food breakdown.

Some dog food contains probiotic blends to aid digestion further. Probiotics are especially beneficial for senior Yorkies and puppies with sensitive gastrointestinal systems.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Ensuring proper growth and development in dogs requires a balanced ratio of vitamins and minerals. Your dog food should meet AAFCO's nutrient guidelines, especially for growing puppies.

Calcium and phosphorus are essential minerals for bone formation, and their deficiency can cause skeletal diseases.

Vitamins act as antioxidants and boost your Yorkie's health. For Yorkies with joint discomfort, antioxidants are crucial.

Common Health Issues

Like other dog breeds, Yorkshire Terriers may also become affected by several diseases, and food plays a crucial role in preventing and curing them. Let's discuss some common health issues of these small dogs here:


It's a low blood sugar level problem and occurs because of fewer energy nutrients. If your Yorkie is diabetic and has shaking issues, seizures, and weakness, adding essential nutrients to your Yorkie's food is vital to keep its energy levels adequate.

Try to fulfill the minimum calorie requirements of your Yorkie according to their life stages. For normal blood sugar levels, add a balanced ratio of macronutrients to keep your Yorkie from falling into severe conditions.

Keep in mind that Yorkies have small body sizes, so it's impossible for them to store the required sugar as glycogen in their blood. So, buying the best food with all the needed nutrients is necessary.

Floating Kneecap

If your Yorkshire Terrier's kneecap has moved away from the correct position, then it is suffering from a luxating patella, another name for a floating kneecap.

Though genetic predisposition, the best food can help the disease. Antioxidants limit inflammation, and glucosamine helps in managing joint pain in such a situation.

Tracheal Collapse

As a Yorkie parent, keep in mind that they are prone to genetic diseases. Tracheal Collapse is one of them and it occurs when the cartilage rings of the Yorkie's trachea begin to collapse causing airway obstruction.

You can't prevent this disease because the cause is still unclear, but yes, you can save your pooch by giving it proper food with high quality ingredients. So, give them one which is specifically prepared for toy breeds.

Sensitive Stomach

Digestive disturbance is another problem for Yorkies because of sensitive stomachs. It's better to give your pup a small amount of new food and check whether it fits them or not.

Probiotics also regulate their digestive tract, so choose dog foods with probiotics.

How We Pick The Right Food For Yorkies

Our team of experts and dog lovers at Pooch Reviews enlist all the foods that are high in quality and then choose among those which fulfill the nutrient requirements of Yorkies.


Is Chicken Meal Good For Yorkies?

Yes, a chicken meal is better than giving them any other product because of its kibble form. It is easy to chew and swallow and provides essential protein for better health and the immune system.

Is Dry Food Suitable For Yorkies?

Yes, you can give them dry food but choose the kibble because Yorkies have small mouths and thus have difficulty chewing, swallowing, and digesting the larger pieces.

Can I Give My Yorkie Chicken Liver?

Chicken liver is best for your active dog as a vitamin-rich protein because it provides proteins and fatty acids.

Can I Give My Yorkie Ground White Rice?

Yorkies are prone to digestion problems, and ground white rice is perfect for easy eating and better digestion.

Can I Give My Yorkie Chicken Fat?

Chicken fat is not dangerous like other fats, but keep the necessary amount in mind. Yorkies need fats and carbs because of their active lifestyle.


Every Yorkie is different and demands different food depending upon its needs, life stages, and many other factors. Although they are small pups, they can be very sensitive towards their food.