If you haven't brushed your dog's teeth before, you might think it is not a big deal, but it indeed is. Have you ever noticed how your dog smells and how healthy your dog's gums are? You may brush this thought under the rug as a dog owner. Still, without cleaning your dog's teeth and mouth, its breath would stink due to bacterial growth, tooth cavities, and other periodontal diseases.

Just like humans, your dog's mouth, gums, and teeth must be cleaned regularly. Proper dental care must be maintained to freshen breath and keep dental diseases like plaque, tartar, gingivitis, and tooth decay at bay. In fact, as dog owners, you must ensure that brushing your dog's teeth regularly is vital to prevent the bacteria from entering their mouth and eventually getting into their other body parts, causing diseases like kidney and heart disease.

That is why it is necessary to buy dog toothbrushes or finger brushes that are easy to use on your dog, have the right size, and are comfortable to feel. Hence, to help you make the right decision, we have come up with the top five toothbrushes for your dogs while keeping their comfort as our ultimate priority!

How To Choose The Best Dog Toothbrushes?

Choosing the best toothbrush for your dog can be challenging, especially when hundreds of options are available in the pet industry today.

However, you must consider a few important factors while making your final choice. For example:

Brush Size

When choosing your pup's toothbrush, looking for something fancy is unnecessary. But make sure you select the correct size according to the jaw size of your pet.

Since most dog mouths are small, whether they are large dogs or small pups, they need a smaller-length toothbrush. Moreover, dog breeds like chihuahuas may need a finger toothbrush because their jaws are smaller than larger breeds.

Doctor's Recommendation

Going for a toothbrush approved by your dog's vet is also essential. For this reason, you must cross-check for your vet's approval before buying. Doing this will ensure that your dog's dental health is intact.


While looking for the best dog toothbrush, remember that the bristles should be soft and flexible on your dog's teeth, especially when you have just introduced your small dogs to brushing. Most dog toothbrushes soft bristles are nylon, while the finger ones are silicon.

Ease Of Use

Finally, as pet parents, you must also consider comfort when it comes to choosing the right toothbrush for your dog, the length of the brush should be long enough for you to move it around inside the jaw and your dog's gums, and it should have a firm grip made of rubber or a curved handle.

5 Best Dog Toothbrushes

You're unlikely to get a dog to cooperate with you when brushing its teeth, but using a good dog toothbrush will be much easier. Buying dog toothpaste with a toothbrush is ideal, so kits are pretty convenient.

We'll look at the best toothbrushes for your dog to make this task easy on yourself and comfortable for your furry friend.

Arm & Hammer Kit For Dogs

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Why We Like It

Arm & Hammer takes care of your dog's teeth and gums in the best possible way. Through years of experience dealing with plaque, tartar, and other dental diseases, the company has invented a solution to enhance your dog's dental hygiene and promote a healthy, bacteria-free mouth.

The tartar control kit for dogs is a complete package, with all essentials to keep your dog's breath fresh all day, with the shiniest teeth. It contains a double-headed toothbrush that is super comfortable with soft bristles. Moreover, you will also find a small finger brush in case you have dog breeds like Shih Tzus or Chihuahuas.

The kit also has a banana-mint or beef-flavored toothpaste packed with enzymes and ingredients to prevent plaque and tartar. These flavors might seem odd at first, but eventually, your dog will like them, as its breath will get fresher with each use, thus maintaining healthy teeth.

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Kit

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Why We Like It

We absolutely love this toothbrush kit, as most vets recommend it. The best thing is that when introducing your pooch to its brushing routine, this kit serves it all! You can also use this dog toothbrush on large breeds. Each oral hygiene kit contains a traditional toothbrush, dog toothpaste, and a dental finger dog toothbrush.

The brush has a curved handle with a rubber-laced grip, making it easy to hold while brushing your dog's teeth and cleaning the hard-to-reach parts efficiently.  The brush's nylon bristles are also very soft and flexible, which would not cause any irritation or bleeding. Moreover, you can also use the finger brush that comes with the kit.

The dental finger is made of silicon bristles and is much more effortless to use inside your pup's tiny mouth. Finally, the kit contains an enzymatic toothpaste in its original savory flavor that prevents plaque and tartar build-up. One plus point is that other toothpaste flavors, like bacon and peanut butter, are also available. So, if your pet dislikes one taste, you can freely try the other one.

Orgrimmar 2 Pcs Three-Sided Dog Toothbrush

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Why We Like It

A large breed adult dog can have a very challenging brushing routine due to its size. Therefore, this type of toothbrush is designed with three brush heads for easy entry and exit from your dog's big mouth. Using its innovative design, you can brush your adult dog's teeth from the front to the back to the in-between spaces in just one swift motion and remove plaque and tartar build-up more efficiently.

In addition to the soft bristles, the entire brush is ergonomically designed to match your adult dog's oral structure and the alignment of your hand and wrist. The non-slip rubber handle gives you a firm and steady grip to offer your dog a super comfortable brushing experience without causing any sort of irritation or sensitivity.  Though this toothbrush is pricier, the good part is that it comes in a pack of two or four, which pretty much justifies the cost.

Also, you can choose from different colors, which can be an excellent benefit to keeping the brushes separate if you have multiple dogs at home.  The best part? This brush is dishwasher-safe, which means you can clean it regularly in your dishwasher to keep it bacteria and germ-free and get your dog's teeth brushed with a clean, sterile toothbrush every time.

Pienoy 50-Pieces Double-Headed Dog Toothbrush

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Why We Like It

These dog toothbrushes come in a pack of 50 for a great price. They are an excellent example of how buying in bulk can result in significant savings. It means you'll have dog toothbrushes for at least three to four years at a budget-friendly price. These toothbrushes come with two different sizes of heads, so they can be used with dogs of all sizes.

The larger head (measuring 1 inch in length) is ideal for general cleaning, while the smaller head (measuring 0.5 inches) is great for getting into hard-to-reach places. Each toothbrush is individually packed to keep cleanliness and sterility intact. The shaft measures approximately 8.5 inches, making it an excellent choice for dogs of all sizes.

The length of the brush's shaft also offers a smooth, hassle-free brushing experience, where you can clean your dog's teeth in one motion, controlling the brush's direction. Soft, tapered bristles sweep away any food debris, protect gums from damage, and ensure your pooch is comfortable after bushing.

Woobamboo! Eco-Friendly Large Breed Toothbrush

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Why We Like It

This toothbrush is designed by utilizing the world's fastest-growing land plant, this large doggy toothbrush is environmentally friendly and natural. It is a best dog toothbrush when it comes to the price and quality.

These dog toothbrushes have been made from organic, biodegradable bamboo coated with a natural wax for an eco-friendly option. An ergonomically shaped hump makes it easy to adjust the brush so that you can provide your four-legged friend with the best cleaning experience possible. It will also maintain your dog's oral health by keeping any gum disease at bay and their mouth clean and fresh.

Moreover, these angled brushes are designed just like your own toothbrush but with softer and more flexible bristles. They offer efficient, damage-free brushing with a perfect size according to your pup's tiny mouth. When the soft bristles on this brush wear out after daily brushing, they can be removed, resulting in a fun stick toy for your pooch.


It is easy to get lost in the enormous varieties of toothbrushes, but you can make an informed decision. You should look for a perfect size, durable bristles, and a reputable company.

We’ve compiled this list after extensive research, reading customer reviews, and analyzing the product's effectiveness. So, go ahead and give your dog a welcome hug, as these toothbrushes are surely going to give them fresh breath, healthy teethes and a shining smile!